Breakfast at Forage

I know I blogged about brunch at Forage only a week ago, but I went back for breakfast and I had to write about it. Unfortunately, the sister had our camera. I made do with the boy’s OnePlus One phone. (Thank youuu.)

Complimentary breakfast at Forage is quite possibly the best gift a stranger could bestow upon another–and it shows just how seriously Forage takes customer appreciation. Thank you, Margot! Today was absolutely magical.


Fresh-pressed juice.

I loved my drink, but if you’re expecting some sort of over-sugared cranberry juice, think again. It was deliciously sour! As I finished it off later in the breakfast, it became more viscous and full of seeds. Realness.



Our waiter took the liberty of ordering us a scone with honey butter. It looks unassuming, as most scones do, but oh my god… bless our waiter. This was SO. GOOD.

I died.



Get in meeeeeeeeeee. Gosh I’m having intense flashbacks just looking at this photo.


Soon after we finished off the last crumbs of our scone–he politely let me have the last few bites–our own orders arrived. Now, you know I have a pretty small appetite, especially in the morning (erm, I did have Joy the Baker’s cinnamon sugar pull-apart bread with lemon glaze icing for breakfast this morning, so it’s not that I don’t have an appetite for fatty things… I’m just not a where’s-my-morning-feast kinda girl). But I had to order everything I thought I could manage. So: forage mushroom omelette, fresh herbs, Okanagan goat cheese, crispy potatoes, and toast. I ordered another side of crispy potatoes (love my carbs) and a side of Two Rivers turkey sausages, as did the boy. He ordered the classic benny as his main.


He sneaked a pic.


I’m glad I decided to add the turkey sausages to my meal. I cut them up and ate them with my mushrooms to add more flavour. The boy also agreed that the turkey sausage in particular had a nice kick to it. With that in mind, the turkey mixed well with the way I chose to have my eggs done–scrambled, as always. If you decide on the forage mushroom omelette when you go (and I would recommend it!), I highly suggest you add the turkey sausage on the side.

The turkey also obviously went really well with my side of crispy potatoes. Which were really and truly crispy, by the way. Anyway, dip the potatoes in Forage’s house made ketchup, finish with a bit of turkey, and there you have your perfect breakfast flavour formula. My kind of breakfast through and through and through and through.


Foraged mushrooms at Forage. 


The boy enjoyed his eggs benny. It’s his favourite style of eggs, so it’d be hard for him to dislike regardless, but he loved that they were cooked just the way he likes them (not overly leaky), and was happy that it came with back bacon instead of ham, which he’s used to getting elsewhere. In his own words, “I’d go back [to Forage] in a heartbeat.” The breakfast & brunch here are actually really affordable for such a highly-praised Vancouver restaurant, so we’ll definitely make return trips!

Now the service: it was a complimentary breakfast, so yes, the service was really great. But I watched our waiter interact with his other tables and found that he was just as friendly, cheekily charismatic, and professional with them as he was with us.


And herein ends our time at Forage, Breakfast of Our Dreams.

But I realize not everyone likes the same foods and same restaurants, so let me be practical about the whole thing.

Affordable: Yes. Mains range from $9-$15

Sharing: Share the sides (such as the turkey sausage); the mains aren’t really made to be shared

Good for groups: Perfect for small groups of 2-6 people

Quality of Food: Their take on food sustainability is hard to beat. People often argue that breakfast can easily be made at home for much cheaper, and I agree, but it’s unlikely that you have the time, expertise, or quality ingredients on hand (do you forage for mushrooms just so you can have them for breakfast? Press your own juices? I mean it’s entirely possible and if you do I commend you but I certainly don’t have the time or willpower). Treat yourself once in a while

Will I like the Kind of Food They Serve: Peruse there breakfast menu here.

Recommendable: You know the answer!

With that: cheers! All the best in your breakfast endeavours. Oh, and have a good week. Good luck to everyone with papers and projects and all other sorts of end-of-the-school-year craziness!



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