Busy Bee (Me)

(Psych! That featured image was a sneak peek of the upcoming breakfast at Forage post for later today. Nothing interesting or food-related here for you in this post.)

Normally if I’m busy I just drop off the blogosphere without warning. Today I bring you and explanation.

I mean, no Pick Me Up Monday, and that breakfast at Forage post is sure taking it’s time. You may not have noticed, but… um… I did? Because I write this stuff. Whatever. ANYWAY.

Ok so this is a bit of a hectic week. It’s the last week school so things need to get done and blogging must fall to the wayside because it’s definitely not the kind of mindless procrastinating I allow myself.

Because of course I procrastinate. Here are the webcomics I go to when I take a ten-minute-turned-two-hour “break” from getting stuff done:

hark a vagrant (my all-time fave)

octopuspie (plot-drive. start at the beginning and spend the entire last week of school going through it)

xkcd (a black hole that’s all to easy to get sucked into)

See you on the flipside, everyone! Good luck with your week–it’s almost over.




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