Canada Day 2017

This past weekend was a dream. A warm, sunny, happy dream.

For Canada’s big 150th birthday, my family went out to Steveston.

There was a ship exposition at Britannia Shipyards, food trucks everywhere, an art sale, and lots of little festival stalls throughout Steveston Village.

There was also a parade and a huge salmon barbecue (1200 pounds of wild salmon filets were grilled!), but we missed those because we slept in and ate brunch at home.

But by 12:30, our little party of four met up with the rest of our family and friends and made the walk over to Steveston from G-ma’s house.


After going through Britannia’s shipyard museum, we walked down to the docks and checked out all the boats that arrived for July 1st. You could board the boats, wander, and read about the vessels you wished you could sail away on.



The S.S. Master, BC’s last wooden hulled steam tug. Built in 1922.

If you went with children, there were also activities and stamp cards for kids who enjoy exploring each and every ship.


The heron/maple leaf logo for Richmond’s Canada 150 celebration was very cute.



After which you had the option to take a tiny ferry to view more boats further down the river, or exit through the second half of the shipyard museum.


Back at the boardwalk, we maneuvered through crowds and enjoyed the waterside view.



Our old pup came along for the walk. 





When we arrived, Steveston was bursting with people.


Sammy the salmon. A stark reminder that I have been craving salmon for weeks and still missed the barbecue.

Hidden away, in the eye of the Canada Day storm, was an art sale going on in the community centre.

My step grandfather was one of the local artists, so of course we popped in to say hello and check out his beautiful watercolour paintings.


Buddy, trying to blend in as the only non-human at the art sale.

Afterword, we parted ways and our original little group of four headed down to the wharf, where Leon was excited to find some fresh sea urchins.


The sign says live, but they were actually caught the day before and were dead upon our arrival.



Leon stocked up and promised to prepare some for dinner that night. Marielle looked forward to them, and I was happy they were happy. (I like seafood, but sea urchins are too slimy for me.)

Michael had never tried sea urchin until this Canada Day.

He probably will never try them again.

Leon and Marielle gobbled them up.

But before we said goodbye to the Canada Day festivities, we wanted to pick up some other snacks. We got hot dogs at Japadog, who had a popup stall for the day with jacked up prices, and then some lemonade and a jumbo freezie back at the food truck/performance area by the community centre. We munched on umami-filled hot dogs and raspberry-hibiscus freezies while listening to a cover band play upbeat, off-beat renditions of Summer of 69 and Shut Up and Dance. It was a pretty good Canada Day.



Once we’d had our fill, we finally left for home, where we swam in the pool, enjoyed a barbecue dinner of spot prawns, potato salad, burgers, and–for some–sea urchin over rice.

Some of us ended up a bit burnt, but it was such a wonderful Canada Day. I hope your Canada Day long weekend was a blast, too.

Happy 150th, Canada!






Photos by Michael G.

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