M&TB’s First Post of 2017: life feat. some wonton making tips


I’ve done well with hatching babies so far and happily added this lil Smoochum to my Pokedex today.

I’ve been back in Toronto for a couple of weeks now and am very conscious of the fact that I had said, back in September or something, that I wanted to chronicle my thoughts about living here on this blog. And I haven’t!


But I also think that a large part of my experience here isn’t suitable for the blog, and there isn’t much I feel compelled to talk about vis-a-vis differences between Toronto and home.

So I’m just going to talk about some current thoughts, which happen to have taken place in Etobicoke, a suburban part of Toronto I call ‘where I just happen to sleep’ ‘home.’



It feels good to spend tonight alone at home. Which is weird to say, because it’s a Friday night and I guess I haven’t been home for one of those in a while, despite being An Introvert™. But I haven’t felt productive in a long time and today I actually do.

I’ve also been thinking about wontons, and how often I eat them. I eat them like a first year college student eats cup noodles. And I get sick of them after a while, just because I’ve eaten them so often, but they’re just so easy, and sometimes school ends so late. Why spend an hour prepping and cooking dinner when I could just boil some chicken broth toss in some green onions, veggies, and wontons, and relax?

I also don’t feel too bad about eating them all the time because they’re not cup noodles. They’re homemade, and fun to make.

And now that I’ve waxed poetic/gotten defensive about my eating habits, I’m going to announce that I want to work on better meal planning this semester. Yes–fewer wontons! More… of other things! The possibilities are exciting.

As a way to reflect on my old, wonton over-eating life, I’m going to give you some tips about wonton making, because you likely don’t eat them as much as I do and could benefit from knowing more about this tasty, easy meal.

Advice for the Making and Consumption of Wontons: a young woman’s thoughts on how wontons have impacted her life as a full-time student, part-time retail worker, and no-time professional chef

By Miriam Mortimer, B.A.

  • Wontons are exactly what Young Adult You needs in a meal: easy to make, affordable, and adaptable
  • The ingredients are: kind of whatever you feel like, because all you REALLY need is ground pork, an egg, wonton wrappers, and soy sauce. I mean, you need a lot more than that: some kind of veggie, maybe cilantro and/or green onions, various other fillers like shrimp, mushrooms, etc. But which ones you choose are up to you; wontons are whatever you want them to be
  • You’re probably thinking: sandwiches are customizable too. Why don’t I just make that instead? Well… I don’t like sandwiches. So that’s why don’t opt for them. But it’s also worth mentioning that on a cold Winter’s night, a bowl full of wonton soup goes a lot farther than a cold ham and cheese.
  • It’s always best to make a lot. They’re easy to store in the freezer and they’ll keep for a long time, so you’ll always have a last-minute meal if you ever come home from work at 10pm and realize there’s nothing dinner-worthy in your fridge
  • Remember to boil one fully wrapped wonton by itself first, to test it out. According to my mom, food wontons can almost always use more salt, so taste-testing one before wrapping the rest will help you figure out if your wontons are missing something in the flavour department before it’s too late
  • Use wontons to connect with friends! It’s good to have a friend who’s willing to come to your house to wrap wontons with you while you watch TV together. They get a free dinner, and you get free labour! And companionship, which is also nice



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