I’m in Toronto now. I gave no warning, but then again if you’re reading this you’re likely either my grandma or a school friend, so you already knew the move was happening.

But let’s recap. Back in May, like many other humans in Vancouver, I crossed a stage and received my Bachelor’s degree. While F was starting full-time work in September, I was planning for more school, and the only program offered for my field of interest was in Toronto. It’s not a master’s program; I have mixed feelings about academia, and I know I’ll miss it, but it’s not something I’m drawn towards as a career path. Instead, I’m going for a more practical program, like what’s offered at BCIT (I imagine, since I’ve never gone): learn about the industry, develop a strong portfolio, secure an internship through the portfolio, and place yourself in a good position for employment.

It’s a one-year program, which means I’ll be spending the next 8 months living Etobicoke, a suburb in Toronto. F came with me in late August to help settle me in, but now it’s just me, my floormates, and some centipedes.

Yes, apparently centipedes are a thing in southern Ontario basements.

Oh, and I have few friends, also studying or working in the city; my uncle and his fiancée, who are a stellar pair of human beings; and aaaaaall the delicious food Toronto has to offer! I was most stoked to tell you about trying new restaurants and shops here, but I should be very clear that I appreciate my friends and family here the most. I think that would be the most appropriate thing to write, anyway…


Tourist time!

So Toronto is still very new to me. Being away from home and the people I love are also very new to me. I’m actually settling very well though, since school, finding a job part-time job (check!), cooking, and watching the Great British Bake Off have kept me pretty busy. And thanks to snapchat, whatsapp, Skype, etc., I can keep in close contact with friends and family. So I’m doing fine. I mean, my sister could snap me pictures of our pup more regularly, but other than that, I’m fine.

Every weekend I try to spend downtown so I can explore more of the city and all it has to offer, like TIFF!  And, surprise surprise: food. Here’s a bit of what I’ve eaten so far:


Momofuku Noodle Bar. While our friends and family warned it wasn’t the best Toronto had to offer (and I’m glad to hear that), it was a hyped up place to visit, so we ticked it off our list.


Captain’s Boil. A family member said we should try it out–he loves it. We thought it was a novel thing to order pounds of seafood pre-mixed and delivered in plastic bags, & to dig into them with plastic gloved hands, but ultimately it just wasn’t our style.


Café Princess, which we visited while in North York. It was cute and cozy, and I definitely fantasized about owning my own café. (Food was meh.)


Delicious asian-inspired gelato at Kekou!! My favourite option was the rosewater pistachio gelato, but they have some yummy non-dairy flavours as well. Highly recommended!


Another much-hyped spot in Toronto. Sweet Jesus has interesting flavours, a wide variety of ice cream-related foods, and excellent branding. While I only tried the lemon coconut cream pie soft serve, I do believe it’s not the best Toronto has to offer.

I was born, raised, and educated in Vancouver, and as much as I’ve been fortunate to travel, my parents never really took me anywhere in Canada for vacation. I’ve been to both the Toronto & Montreal airports a few times for layovers, but I’m aware my geographical placement doesn’t really count as a real destination experience. So this is a first for me, and I can’t honestly say I feel like I’m in a foreign place. The culture isn’t too different and it’s all very familiar feeling. I mean, for the most part. There are more skyscrapers downtown, for instance. And I’m more accustomed to Vancouver’s particular beauty, rather than Toronto’s more metropolitan vibe.

Oh, and drivers here seem to not remember that pedestrians have right of way, especially WHEN THE CROSSING SIGN IS LIT UP. Why are you trying to turn left when I am directly in your way? Just wait for me to cross the damn sidewalk. Are you going to run me over? Really??? DO IT I DARE YOU.

But otherwise it’s kind of similar.

Anyway, I’m here now, and I’m happy to try something new. I’ll try my best to chronicle some of my thoughts and adventures while being here, even if most of my week will consist of part time work, school, and going home to cook.

I will keep posting about my travels in Europe as well, so hopefully that will inject some variety into this little journal. Until next time!



3 responses to “Toronto

  1. Hi Miriam and welcome to Toronto. After graduating from U of T in ’65 I returned for our 50th reunion last Spring. I, like you, couldn’t believe the skyscrapers, lack of sun rays as one roamed the city and had they covered up the road signs I would have been lost. I can’t think of enough superlatives to describe your art of the written word and have so enjoyed your blog once your Gma linked me in. I have to make sure that I read your foodie offerings on a full stomach or am craving all that you describe. Do try to enjoy your Toronto adventure….the populace is “colder” as well as the winter temps and no doubt you will be homesick for the beautiful West…..persevere, learn lots, beef up that resume ( with accent) and search out those yummy delicacies. Love, Auntie Blaire

    On Tuesday, 13 September 2016, milkandthoughtbubbles wrote:

    > miriamscm posted: “I’m in Toronto now. I gave no warning, but then > again if you’re reading this you’re likely either my grandma or a school > friend, so you already knew the move was happening. But let’s recap. Back > in May, like many other humans in Vancouver, I crossed a st” >

    • Thank you for your kind words Aunty Blaire! I’ve heard about the “cold” people and weather, but I’m going to try to make the best of it. 8 months are ahead!


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