A Summer Tea Party For Arts Students (and one business student)


Before F and I left for our Europe trip, we organized a little tea party for some of my Poli & English major friends. I like to think about it as almost a summertime tradition now–at least, I hope to make it one! But with so many of us heading off in different directions very soon, who knows whether that’ll be possible. All the better reason to have some fun now…






This year’s tea party was a group effort, with everyone bringing one or two dishes of their own.

I like hosting these kinds of potluck-style gatherings for a few reasons. The first is obvious: less stress for me! But beyond that, it’s great that every guest can say that they’ve done something for each other, and I like that everyone can say they’re truly a part of the party by contributing to the meal. It makes it more special.

I also like making gatherings themed, so not only does everyone contribute, but there’s some depth to the dish choices guests make. Not everyone likes the homework, but it plants so many seeds of potential conversation that our discussions always grows in unlikely and interesting ways. This year’s theme was “stories in our lives,” which was premised upon the notion that as much as we think of our lives as one long story, or one long book, the “chapters” in our lives are full stories in themselves.



Here’s what we drank & ate: tea from The Urban Tea Merchant, macarons from L’Opera, and homemade crinkle cookies, green tea cookies, vanilla loaf, puff pastries, lemon squares, smoked salmon and boursin cheese cracker bites, grapes, locally grown strawberries, cream cheese lemon dill finger sandwiches, and egg salad finger sandwiches.

It was just as delicious as it sounds.



Laughter, meandering conversations, declarations and speculations and consternation about our futures. We chatted,nibbled, and sipped our way into the late afternoon.

Great food, great tea, great conversation, and great friends.



Summer garden tea parties are the essence of epicurean good life. Cheers to us, cheers to you, and cheers to summer!

Until next time,



3 responses to “A Summer Tea Party For Arts Students (and one business student)

  1. Your photos are so beautiful. Love that you gave your guests homework! No prejudice … ❤️

  2. Beautiful tradition and amazing photos. I think your grandma should host one so I can attend. 🙂

  3. Great idea Janelle. Or I could add another table to the kids…they had way too much food anyway! Well, maybe not waaaay too much.

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