Some snaps of two ceremonies, almost identical except for the graduating students, the weather, and the academic faculties. That, and post-ceremony meal celebrations.

Damn, what a couple of days. I’ve never been the super popular type so it’s not like I was showered in flowers and knew heaps and heaps of fellow grads or had cross-faculty friends to take pictures with, but the whole time I kept thinking about how I was grateful to have made the friends I did, and to have the family I have. These people are worth loving and I am so, so happy! Even though adulthood is still just a leap into the void and none of us really know what we’re doing and sometimes we question our life and our decisions… in these moments, I’m happy.

(*Obviously, not everyone is pictured here.)


Goofballs. Peepo brought us roses and here we’re posing in the rose garden.


Poli + The Diamonds.




500 pictures later.



Our little Poli grad dinner. Maenam serves delicious bubbly, and has a wonderfully thoughtful staff. Thank you for the celebratory champagne!


The next day was high tea with my family at The Urban Tea Merchant, my favourite Vancouver high tea spot.


The yummiest raspberry lemon tart.



I chose the sakura tea for my traditional tea service. At the end of our meal, I was gifted a pouch of the Sakura tea, accompanied by a congratulatory note from our server! Tea at The UTM is always a wonderful experience.


F’s graduation day!



It poured. The rain made for some beautiful scenery.


Another four years of school completed. Now… it’s time to get excited for Europe!! Oh, and a tea party. That first. Comin’ soon.


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