Weekend Trip to Mt. Hood: Part Three

On the third day, we drove back home.

But first! Ice cream. Salt and Straw. One of our favourite moments of our February 2016 trip, during which we swore to return. This time around, Fred, Ivan, and I brought along more friends.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

“Fred, the speed limit is 100 km/hr.” “Yeah. I’m going… oh, 130. Haha.”

When we stopped in Portland on Saturday, we briefly considered going to Salt & Straw until we saw the lineup out the door. Our return trip on Monday seemed a much better time to pop in.


Photo courtesy of Xrystos.

All the new spring flavours were available now, so we taste tested a bunch of fun flavours like dandelion sorbet and blue cheese pear (it tastes way better than it sounds). Fred, Ivan and I fell back on our old favourites: strawberry balsamic, double fold vanilla, freckled woodblock chocolate, etc. But I had to get a scoop of wildflower honey with ricotta walnut lace cookies as well. SO GOOD! Next time we go, Fred and I are bringing dry ice and an ice box so we can take home a few pints. Just looking at Salt & Straw’s website and reminiscing about their flavours has me craving ice cream again.

(That being said, when Fred and I like something, we tend to go a little overboard obsessing over it. Maybe not everyone feels as strongly about Salt & Straw as we do!)

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Dandelion sorbet with edible flowers!

Marielle got a double scoop of strawberry balsamic and honey lavender. A double scoop is quite a bit though, and we had a very hearty breakfast just an hour and a half before, so she couldn’t finish it. Xrystos ended up being force-fed the honey lavender which resulted in some quality snapchat video. Who knew his eyes could roll back into his head in disgust… in different directions!

Processed with VSCO with lv03 preset

Bowl > cone kids.


6/10 people, 10/10 ice cream. (Except for honey lavender because seriously is lavender really a desirable flavour??)

After that, we headed to Trader Joe’s to pick up snacks for the long drive back. Playlists ready, seatbelts buckled, and everyone probably definitely tired of each other, we headed home. It was a fun weekend getaway. Happy summer vacation, everyone!



PS: I know last February I said it’d be a while before we returned to Portland, and then we up and came back two and a half months later, but this time I mean it when I say it’ll be a while before we go back to Oregon. BECAUSE EUROPE!! In one month!! EXCITEMENT!

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