A Weekend Trip to Mt. Hood: Part Two

That last post was some weird experimental storytelling on my part. I don’t usually describe events in present tense, and I’m prooobably going to stop that right now, because I’m just not feeling it.


Our second day of the road trip focused largely on a trip to Ramona Falls. It’s a short, leisurely hike to a pretty waterfall that we’d all recommend.

Side note: you have to get a parking pass to park in the trail’s parking lot. Fred picked ours up at the local convenience store. I think it was $5, which isn’t too bad.

The road to the Ramona Falls trail got bumpy the further we got in. It wasn’t that it was outback kind of road, and it wasn’t all gravel–it was just that there were potholes. Everywhere.

I probably should have taken pictures, but to be honest I was mostly concerned with spotting all the potholes with Fred has he tried to navigate our Toyota Camry along the road without hitting too many of them.

Fred joked that road reparations were probably not what our $5 parking pass was going towards, given the number of potholes we encountered. It felt like he was right, joke or not. At least they tried to outline most of the potholes in chalk for drivers to see.


Mt. Hood. Absolutely stunning.

Rumour has it that Mt. Hood was once scaled by a woman in high heels. This feels like myth, since it’s recommended you need winter boots and and an ice axe to scale it, but who really knows?

We were not going to attempt to scale Mt. Hood. We’re not the most experienced climbers (I don’t think any of us own an ice axe), and Katie and Ivan needed something that didn’t require steep inclines, because she had a messed up knee and he claims he has the flattest feet in the world, plus a ripped tendon or something. The Ramona Falls trail was a good option for us.


My sister leading the way.

The way to Ramona Falls is very picturesque. It was hard not to stop for photos every once in a while.


Hmm… how to cross. Barely in the picture: the stream running underneath.

mcrossingStarting things off.

After crossing the stream, we found ourselves in a faux-desert type environment with Mt. Hood rising up behind us. There was also a magical moment where two very cute dogs raced across the desert to greet us, stump tails wagging furiously. It was like a slow-mo scene out of a cheesy feel-good movie.


Me & the boy. Mt. Hood in the background.

After almost two hours of leisurely hiking (walking?), we reached Ramona Falls. The spray from the falls was refreshing after being out in the sun and many of us went closer to get a better look.




Marielle and Xrystos posing by Ramona Falls.

Farther off, the rest of the group began snacking on their lunches. Tasha and Karen had made everyone a sandwich and had placed different coloured sour patch kids in each pouch so everyone could identify which sandwich was theirs before packing them away for the hike. It was very helpful, except when Riley and Max forgot to pack their sandwich. I packed mine though, so I munched away happily at the turkey and cheese sandwich Karen and Tasha made for me. (Tasha forgot hers too, but I gave her half of mine, since I don’t have a huge appetite.)

Next to us was a family from Oregon. After all ten of us had congregated together, finally done with taking our waterfall pictures, the family decided to move farther away. We honestly weren’t being obtrusive or anything; we were definitely keeping to our little circle. One of the parents muttered, “We came here to get away from people,” before scooting their kids to a different spot. They left their garbage on the ground as they moved. Max made sure we picked up their trash and put it in a bag with ours to take home.


The hike back was, predictably, quicker than the hike to the falls. Ivan loudly sang songs off the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack, and the front of the group joined in for “Hooked on a Feeling.”

We returned with our fill of vitamin D for the day, and what followed was a mix of me directing Max the wrong way when we went to get s’more materials, others having the most amazing grocery shopping experience ever, and Xrystos whipping up some sort of shell pasta equivalent of mac ‘n cheese with chicken breast and broccoli, which was very yummy.

We relaxed that night with more games of Quiplash and a little campfire out back, with what little materials we had.

Those Trader Joe’s grocery bags went to good use, I’ll tell you that much.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

I love fires.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

And then we retired to the cabin, and drifted off to sleep.





One response to “A Weekend Trip to Mt. Hood: Part Two

  1. That photo of Marielle under the rainbow is, I think, a prize worthy shot. Stillness amidst chaos…beautiful.

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