A Weekend Trip to Mt. Hood (feat. Portland. Again.): Part One

Freedom! I’ve been so busy with exams (or trying to ignore them), seeing friends, working, and doing graduation-related chores that after returning from my weekend in Mt. Hood, I entirely forgot to blog about it.

I took pictures, of course. They’re on Instagram and Facebook, sort of. I even ran some of the pics through Photoshop to make them prettier for a little photobook project I have going on.


I forgot to save them for a blog post.

Oh well! I’ll make do with what I have.

Let’s start from the beginning. 6:00am. Breakfast, everyone’s getting their stuff packed away into the trunk of the car. The five of us who spent the night at my place then set off to meet up with the rest of the group at another friend’s house. There are ten of us total, five people per car.

By 7:00am, we’re at the border. Max’s car is two lanes over, moving faster than ours. They’re blasting Beyonce’s new album and we’re waiting to reach America before we start our 140+ song playlist that is a mixture of all five of our group’s musical interests. We have everything from Hamilton to the Pretty Reckless to Oh Wonder to Iron and Wine to Marina and the Diamonds. It’s quite the mix.


F salutes the first flag we see.

We’re in, and Karen begins counting American flags, which are everywhere. America will never let you forget what country you’re in.

The other three join her but it makes me feel neurotic to think about counting every single flag we come across, especially when they reach over one hundred in an hour, so I think about the music that’s playing (Riley lucks out and one of his songs starts of the playlist) and other things.

Hours go by.

Eventually, we end up in Portland. Our car takes zero pee breaks, so we beat the other car by over an hour. We eat lunch at Pok Pok, which I’ve blogged about before, and after we finish paying, our walkie talkie picks up the other car’s transmission and we’re serenaded by Ivan’s lovely voice. We go over to meet them as they park. They eat their lunch at Little Big Burger after Fred, Ivan and I suggest it, and the rest of us wander around Little Otsu, a stationary store also nesting on SE Division St, while we wait for them to finish.

After all ten of us had been fed, Fred and Max drive us to Powell’s–city of books!

Processed with VSCO with lv03 preset

“War, what is it good for? Absolutely nothing!” POLI360 flashbacks in the YA section. And no, I don’t know the girl in the picture. She just got in the way when I was trying to take a photo. Nice hair though!

We spend a long time browsing the book stacks at Powell’s. Xrystos moons over the towering shelves of YA and we compare childhood favourites with Riley. We point out shitty books we’ve read, and Xrystos picks up every book with a dark, fire-themed cover before saying “hey doesn’t this look good?” We find good books we’ve read, and tell each other that we need to read these books if our friendships is to remain in tact.

We’re both broke though so we don’t buy anything. We do however promise to trade some of our favourite books when we’re both in Toronto this fall.

Marielle and Natasha hole up in the manga section of the bookstore, but that is leagues away from where we are (I think?) and I have no idea where it is. Riley is sent off to find them and makes a bad Hufflepuff pun when he returns.

At some point, Max, Katie, and Fred steal away to a brewery (Max and Katie for themselves; Fred for his brother). Ivan buys boardgames. Karen drools over medieval studies literature and has a crisis over what to buy until we convince her to just get everything.

Eventually we manage to regroup. And off we go, driving to Mt. Hood!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Fred speeding, as always.

Since we had a big group and we were all on a budget, Airbnb seemed like the best way to go. I settled on Julie’s Creekside Retreat in Rhododendron, the town near Mt. Hood. I’m an idiot and didn’t take any photos of the cabin sans university students, or the beautiful creek that runs behind the cabin, but you can check out the airbnb page for pictures if you’re so inclined. I’d highly recommend it for anyone looking to book an affordable, picturesque cabin in the area.

Anyway, we reach the area in the afternoon, full of overnight gear and grocery bags.

Processed with VSCO with acg preset


After settling in, some of us nap and some of us watch Game of Thrones. At around 6:30, I get up and begin prepping dinner with some others. Cooking with friends is fun.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

I forgot garlic, but made do with some garlic powder that I found in a kitchen cupboard. I like to think the spaghetti turned out okay. I was hungry enough to enjoy it, at least, and if anyone was unhappy then they did a good job of faking it.

Max recommended the rosemary rocksalt bread while we were at Trader Joe’s back in Portland, and Fred tried some and fell in love. We served that with the spaghetti, and it was quickly gobbled up. M2 got over her fever, ish, after sleeping the moment we got to the cabin and only waking up for dinner. Katie was giddy over getting four bottles of wine for $12USD, and those were cracked open the moment we all sat down.

The rest of the night was fueled with Quiplash and so, so much laughter. Even as the memory fades as time goes by, I’ll always remember the night as a happy one.

The next day we hiked to Ramona Falls. I’ll post about that soon.




One response to “A Weekend Trip to Mt. Hood (feat. Portland. Again.): Part One

  1. What a fun filled post! I love Miriam, that you wrote about ‘so, so much laughter’ & that it’s one memory that will last. ❤️ g

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