K’s Birthday at Bibo

~THIS POST IS THREE WEEKS LATE! It was originally intended for a March 24th publication~

Haven’t done a restaurant review in a long time so I thought I’d squeeze one in here while I’m trying to do anything but continue on with the rhetorical theory paper I need to finish tonight. It is crunch time this week, which is fair since I haven’t had a particularly difficult semester, academics-wise.


Bibo is in the Kits area, close to Rain or Shine. This makes for a great dinner & dessert combo, so we obviously took this route.


Ali ordered the beef toretllini.

The tortellini, while not pretty, is hearty and incredibly filling. I’m glad I didn’t order it, because I wasn’t really feeling like a ground beef-y pasta dinner, but Ali said it was good.


K’s ragu.

I loved K’s Ragu. Light, yummy, with hints of the red wine still in the beef. Of course, I like ragu sauces. So there’s my bias.


My Linguine allo Scoglio.

My seafood linguine was actually very good. It was fresh tasting and it had a very satisfying ration of seafood to pasta. However, I’m the kind of person that hates crunching on sand when chewing uncarefully washed shellfish, and I experienced that a lot while eating my meal. It was really, really annoying. That aside though, it was a worthwhile dish.

C and J each got pizzas, which they said were good but no better than other Italian restaurants around the city like Pronto or Marcello.

The service at Bibo was good. Our server was helpful, friendly, and very accommodating when we asking him to take a group shot of us as a memory of K’s 22nd birthday. Another plus was that he looked like Cliff from the Mindy Project, but that doesn’t really have anything to do with the overall quality of the service, so….

That’s all for now! I don’t think I’ll find myself heading back to Bibo anytime soon, but it wasn’t a bad experience.

Now… back to paper writing. Happy birthday, K!



BiBo Pizzeria con Cucina Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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