Snaps of a Graduation Dinner

No one is walking across the stage to receive their Bachelor’s just yet, but this past long weekend F and I went to his school’s grad night. I didn’t really know anyone other than F and my good friend K, but the food was yummy and the free polaroids were fun. We rounded the night off with a stay in the fluffiest king sized bed I’ve had the pleasure of sleeping on and the best post-grad dinner brunch at Shishinori. Here are a few memories of the weekend–get reading for some grainy photos!!!


Oh, but let’s back up a second. First, after checking into the hotel we headed to Faubourg on Hornby for some pre-dinner dessert.


A smorgasbord of Easter specials… plus one of our regular favourites, the green tea passionfruit mousse. Details on each treat are on my instagram.


A still of a snapchat video I took in the hotel room. While I can’t/have no idea how to upload the full mp4 file, the video zooms out of the nearby window and up close to the “Miku” sign lettering the building down below. Heart eyes emoji.





I lucked out and got two piece of roast beef on my plate. My main was preceded by an unfortunately coloured but belly-warming mushroom bisque, and was succeeded by this delicious raspberry and chocolate gateau. So! Good!


More snapchat.


A cloudy morning after a wonderful night.


Drowsy Fred at Shishinori. Not pictured is us digging happily but tiredly into our meals. We both love the fresh and healthy tasting food at Shishinori. F was inspired to recreated his chicken cha xiu sub at home.


My chicken cha xiu bowl with brown rice and salad. The meal comes with a drink and soup or dessert option, so I picked the creamy strawberry tea and the enoki miso soup. All meal options are listed on the chalkboard each day.


F’s sub.


F’s smoked wild salmon eggs benny. The eggs were tucked into halves of avocado, which will delight any avo lover/trendy health nut out there. (Avocados are having such a moment… and unfortunately F and I can’t appreciate it because avocados are DISGUSTING!!!! Sorry.)


These eggs! Money shot.

Our weekend was fantastic. After Shishinori, the two of us headed back to my house for Smash Bros with R and a big prime rib dinner with family and friends. It was a good two days.

Now it’s Monday and it’s back to the paper writing reality we university students live in. I’m seriously feeling graduation-ready right now. Research papers are not fun… let’s get through it together. Only two more weeks of school!

Happy Easter long weekend everyone. I hope you ate good food and spent time with quality people.




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