Thoughts on Leaving: Follow-Up

Is everything going well with you?

My cold, once a fever, is finally starting to let up a bit. I’ve been using it as a poor excuse not to be productive for about a week, but since I’m not worried about having coughing fits anymore (often, at least) and it no longer feels like I’m swallowing knives instead of saliva, I figure it’s time to get back on track–wherever this track is going.

One of my close friends read my blog recently and had some thoughts on my “Thoughts on Leaving” post. Back when we graduated high school together, Amanda was headed to Toronto for commerce at U of T, just as I’ll soon be heading to Toronto for my copywriting program.

Hearing (and reading) about her own experience helped more than any of the other bits of advice people have given me about leaving. I’m not worried about living in a new place, but I definitely have to focus on my mentality about being away from the person (and people) I love. The reminder that Amanda left home right after high school and had a lot to deal with helped put things in perspective for me.

Also, her text made me super happy because it came with some great news! (She got a full time job!!!)

Here’s the first little bit, if you were wondering. I don’t know if it’ll seem like much, but to me, it mattered.


Here’s to the future, and to unbreakable bonds.



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