Oregon 2016, Day Three: Portland

Day three we headed home. But first! There was more food to eat, and places to visit.

We packed our bags in the morning and left our Airbnb, waving goodbye to Ivy and her family who were just coming back from a drizzly morning walk around the neighbourhood.


Close to the house: a Little Free Library!


So much love for Portland.

The three of us found our first meal of the day at Roman Candle, another SE Division St. spot. The breakfast menu is made up of staple breakfast meals. Nothing fancy, nothing too simple.


Salmon avo toast.


Hashbrown patty.


Not exactly beautiful, but yummy eggs & prosciutto on toast. The eggs were remarkably salty, exactly the way Ivan likes it.

I’m not really a breakfast person. I’m not a morning person, tellingly–although I’m trying to change that. Anyway, if I’m eating before 11am, I want simple foods I could make at home, like melting cheddar cheese on bagel slices, or scrambled eggs and ham. If I’m going out, then I’ll always crave something sweet. I never want a full meal, despite knowing that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day yadda yadda yadda.”

It took all of my willpower to not pick the nutella toast and instead go with some hashbrowns and a sausage patty.


Next to us, a writer’s group was in session. Roman Candle is a wonderful hub of people, of writers, of business people, of 20-somethings and of families. A prime people watching space in the morning!


After, we headed a block or two down to pop back into Little Otsu. Fred had decided to purchase some prints he had eyed on Sunday, and I thought I’d get a cute set of thank you cards.

It turns out the store is closed on Tuesday. We couldn’t stay an extra day, so we moped back to the car and drove over to Cloud Cap Games.

Since the game shop didn’t open until 11, we wandered around the neighbourhood and popped into the many antique and Little Otsu-esque accessory shops. We made a few small purchases at a store called Tilde, and Fred resisted the urge to buy a set of 13 colonies silver spoons at one of the antique shops.

We walked back to Cloud Cap and spent a good chunk of time there. The guy working there that morning clearly knew his stuff and made some good game recommendations, and brought up Supportland, an app that rewards you for shopping local. If only we had this last year! I signed us up, and since Ivan bought the bulk of the games, we allocated the discount reward to his purchase.


Cloud Cap Games was quiet the Tuesday morning we popped in, but they’re a busy store that not only has an attached cafe, but runs a ton of events throughout the month.

When we come back for longer than two nights, we’ll probably try renting some games to play. We think it’s a great way to test-run games that we’re unsure are worth buying.


I can’t help but love Cloud Cap’s decor.

After we waved goodbye to the Cloud Cap staff member, we drove over to Salt & Straw one last time. The girl who helped us last time was there again! We said our hellos and picked up some touristy stuff in addition to our ice cream this time.




Salt & Straw paraphernalia.

I’ll make a post dedicated to Salt & Straw soon.

After we finished our ice creams, we made a pit stop at a Blue Star Donuts and then finally hit the I-5 and begun our five hour drive back to Vancouver.


A picture from the road that may or may not have been going to Medford, instead of Vancouver. I may have been too sleepy to take picture during our final drive….

Like last year, Portland proved a fun foodie adventure for us, just like last time. We believe Ivan enjoyed himself too. How many people do you know that are content to spend time with a couple as sappy as Fred and I? He’s a curious little trooper, but we’re glad he came with us.

And Fred drove over 20 hours in three days, because both Ivan and I are kind of useless at highway driving (Ivan is useless at driving, period).

I’m pretty grateful for having friends who are not only good company, but serve functional purposes as well. Just kidding! Their functionality is of no consequence to me. Kind of.

I love ’em, anyway.

Can’t wait until next time! See ya, Oregon. We’ll be back again sometime.



PS: A picture of sheep! From the day before!


Sheep are so cute from far away. I think.


One response to “Oregon 2016, Day Three: Portland

  1. A writer’s group!!!! ok, 5 hours is too far to drive, but I’m sure the air that swirled around them dripped creativity. Glad your trip was eventful.
    Lovin’ your posts Miriam ❤️ g

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