Countdown to Reading Week

Class turnout today was very low. Tomorrow will be low, too. That’s because it’s Reading Week.

I’m keeping up regular attendance. One part because I think going to class is a good idea, and one part because I have a take-home midterm and a presentation due tomorrow.

But mentally, I’ve been the way of my absentee classmates since early this week. I’ve been accepted to my program of choice at Humber for next year, I’ve been watching travel videos and planning a month-long vacation with Fred, I’ve still got Lunar New Year food hangover, and I found out Mansur Gavriel (of beautiful bucket bag fame) has come out with a shoe line that makes my heart make grabby hands. I’m still fantasizing about a future where I have a “real” job and can justify dropping $600 on a pair of suede flatforms because “they’re wardrobe staples” that perfectly fit my spring/summer Professional Working Person aesthetic.

And then I am brought back to planet Earth and into my Security Studies class and our discussion on the general problem of an absence of evidence being used as evidence for debates on the relationship between Multinational Corporations the state.

I also might be in Reading Week Mode because in three short days, Fred and I will be hitting the road once again. This time we’ll be joined by our friend Ivan.

A few weeks ago, In-n-Out burgers came up in conversation. I wanted some. He wanted some. We looked up the nearest In-n-Out join… and it was in Redding, CA.

Road trip to Redding time.

Except it’s a long drive. It’d be best to stay in Portland for two nights because it’s a fun city and it’s bursting with good food. From Portland, it’s a what, 12 hour round trip to and from Redding?

Oh, but also, the closest In-n-Out, as pointed out by our friend Max, is in Medford, OR. Not Redding. Now our round trip will only be 9 hours long! And we still get to enjoy Blue Star donuts, Pok Pok, the Aviary, and Salt & Straw in addition to In-n-Out Burgers.

Curse America for their high dollar. But Airbnb offers rates in CAD and really, all we want is a vacation and food. And we have a lot of Hardcore History podcasts we’re excited to listen to on the road.

Sunday couldn’t come fast enough. Fred and I have been talking about our days and our lives a lot lately (for reasons), and something he’s brought up a lot is how he enjoys driving together. I agree. It’s weirdly comforting, burning nonrenewable fossil fuels that contribute to the destruction of our planet’s atmosphere, sitting together and going places.

I’m excited.

IMG_0296Oregon, 2015. Soon: Oregon, 2016.




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