Hot Chocolate Festival 2016: Soirette


Green tea matcha mousse cake. Adorable.

So… I completely skipped Dine Out Vancouver this year. I did so for several reasons, but mostly because having pink hair means severely cutting my budget for all other nice things in life.

The Hot Chocolate Festival is a bit different. I’m a busy student who also works part time, so it’s a hassle to reserve a space in my limited schedule for a chance to hit a cafe up; most cafes are open when I’m at school or at work. So many of the hot chocolate flavours that our great Vancouver cafes dream up sound a little weird for me, too.

(Maybe I’m the weird one. Certainly the picky one.)

For that one other time I participated in the Hot Chocolate Festival: read about my Thierry experience here.


Clockwise, from bottom left: maple & pecan, cherry blossom, caramel fleur de sel (favourite flavour by far), nanaimo, creme brulee, and mango.

I did however really want to try Soirette’s hot chocolate offerings. So, on the last day of the Hot Chocolate Festival, Julia and I headed down to Soirette for a catch-up.


The spread. I was not a huge fan of the dense, chocolate base at the bottom of the mousse, and some of the macarons (like the peach one) tasted like jelly beans. Overall the dessert can be a little heavy, but I still recommend checking out their offerings. Especially the caramel fleur de sel macaron! Order a whole box of those!

I’ve been to Soirette a couple of times before. Most recently I tried the high tea for the first time with my friend Lillian. I did enjoy the high tea–it’s somewhere in the upper mid-tier of Vancouver high tea spots–but it didn’t prepare me for the hot chocolate.


The Perfect Peach, served with a white peach macaron.

I ordered the Perfect Peach, and Julia ordered the Sourpuss. We each traded a sip of each other’s, because both flavours sounded so good. And holy hell they were amazing!

The Perfect Peach was the perfect blend of rich, creamy, white hot chocolate featuring Cocoa Barry Zephyr with strong peach notes. I know I’m a blasphemer but if I’m in need of a pick-me-up, I’ll take hot chocolate over tea any day. And I would take the Perfect Peach every day! I’m still giddy over how yummy this hot chocolate was.


The Sourpuss, served with a tamarind coconut truffle.

I admittedly also loved the Sourpuss. It’s a tamarind dark hot chocolate featuring Cocoa Barry Fleur de Cao, with hints of caramel flavouring in the dark chocolate zig-zagging across the whipped cream. It’s a delightful mix of tangy and sweet. Absolutely perfect for a cold winter’s day, and something I would definitely order again.

Unfortunately, Vancouver’s Hot Chocolate Festival 2016 is now over. I may have had to wash mascara stains out of my pillowcases from weeping too much. (Just kidding. Ish.)

If only Soirette offered these hot chocolates year-round! I’d definitely make more of an effort to head all the way down to West Pender & Broughton more often. But, as I am aware, outside of myself, there isn’t much demand for hot chocolate in the non-winter months…

And I won’t be here next year for the Hot Chocolate Festival! God.

Anyway. If this year’s hot chocolates were any indication of years to come, I highly recommend checking out Soirette during the Hot Chocolate Festival! It’s worth the trip.


Oh, and happy year of the monkey! 恭禧發財



Soirette Macarons & Tea Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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