Hello, 2016: Some New Year Rambles

It’s been a while since I last blogged. Exams weren’t over until December 22nd, and since then it’s been a whirlwind of food, family, and friends. (Mostly food and family.) And yes, I chose to watch The Mindy Project in my spare time instead of blog. That and plan for my trip to Europe with F this summer. I am virtually camped out on the Airbnb site.

Anyway, I plan to continue blogging this year. It’s fun and I like looking back on some of the stuff I’ve done and the places I’ve eaten. What I don’t know is how frequently I’ll write. I’ll have a lot more time during the semester because I’ll be taking fewer classes, and then I’ll be graduating! So technically I’ll have much more free time. But with Europe coming up, I need to start saving up a lot more. I used to think nothing was weaker than my own feeble body, but the Canadian dollar isn’t doing so well either… so there’ll be a lot less eating out these months to come. Not that I eat out that much anyway, excluding hot chocolates and cheapy meals on campus, but I envision taking my frugality to a whole new level. When was the last time I even bought clothes? Can I really abstain from buying any board games until F and I are back from our trip… in July? God, I feel tears welling up.

Let’s move on.

So, I could try and make a schedule and rethink the kind of crap I want to put on this blog, and I might do that. But! I haven’t decided because I’m more focused on which airbnb listing is the better option for each of the thirteen cities we’ll be spending our nights in this summer. There’s nothing I’d more contentedly do than plan adventures. And plan things in general.

I’m one of those people who like the new year because it’s a reason to make a lot of plans. That whole “fresh start” BS really works on me. My plans usually only last a few months, but I still enjoy them. Nothing unrealistic (I and the whole world know I will never use a gym pass) or poorly timed (life-changing plans should never be New Year’s resolutions–they should just be done at the first sign of necessity). Just fun stuff! Like my short-term budget, meal plans, and trips.

I have not yet decided to dedicate an adequate amount of time to blogging. But I’ll keep it up.

And with that: g’bye for now! Happy new year to all.



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