It’s Been a While

Three weeks, about. Midterms, fall blahs, and back-to-school stress are just about over. Next up is papers, then finals, then at long last, winter break.

First semester hasn’t been eventful, exactly, but I feel like I’m making the most of my final year of university in my own simple way. Putting on new club events, meeting new people, playing new games, rereading Macbeth, going to concerts with friends, and exploring–exploring in an interpersonal way. Summer is for exploring physical places, and winter is for exploring people’s minds (your own included). And while I always find myself generally happier in the summer, winter is a time of growth, so I’ll acknowledge it’s important and not something I should just hibernate through (as much as I wish I could sometimes).

The temperature keeps dropping. Not dramatically like in other parts of North America, but enough that I now turn the heat on at night. I like to be cozy in the winter, and I like my bedroom to be warm when I wake up. F is the opposite; he thinks the cold helps wake you up more quickly and effectively, and piling yourself under blankets and programming a little heat makes one lethargic.

What I’m certain of is that the colder it is outside my blankets, the less I want to go to my morning classes.

I had a fantastic weekend. One of the best weekends of my life, even. I finally saw Marina + The Diamonds LIVE at the Commodore!!! I could have died happy, singing along with my friends and Marina, blowing kisses her way in hopes that she would notice me… shameless, I know, but I had dressed up (Electra Heart’s cheek heart included) and was close enough to the stage that I couldn’t help it. Marina is as charismatic, beautiful, and wonderful at singing as she is on a screen or record… I became a true fangirl.

Anyway I’m glad I didn’t die because the night after Marina, F and I went to see Florence + The Machine at Rogers Arena. Arena concerts have such a different vibe to smaller venues that it’s hard to compare the experiences, but the distance from the stage definitely didn’t stop me from jumping around with the rest of the crowd to my favourite songs. I feel so lucky to have seen Florence for the second time in my life. Her music has meant more to me than any other artist by a very, very wide margin, and hearing her voice pour out from her lungs and through the speakers and fill up the entire arena made me irrevocably happy. Happy, happy, happy.

Music is such a powerful force. My heart is full.



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