Jinya Ramen Bar

We went to Jinya Ramen Bar the other day. It was at the Kerrisdale location, so it was right beside Hills and you know we had to stop by Hills and peruse the overpriced, beautiful clothing on sale after our meal.

The lunch, luckily, was much more affordable.

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Not only did I forget my camera, but I forgot to edit the photos I took with my phone. Woops.

We went on a Thursday at around one, so it was pretty busy. Jinya isn’t very big either, so I wouldn’t recommend it for large parties.

The two of us got in after a short wait time, and were seated by one of the friendly plaid-shirted staff.

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There was a wasp in the restaurant, crawling around near the window where we were seated. I went to Adonia today, and also noticed a wasp crawling along the inside of the window. What is with Kerrisdale and wasps? Does the neighbourhood have active nests everywhere during the summer? Anyway, the little creepy bug only distracted me a little bit. I made sure to keep an eye trained on it throughout my time in Jinya, which only marginally hindered my experience. I really should get over my fear wasps.

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You can order free fresh garlic, which you crush yourself.

I ordered the premium tonkotsu white, because I was still full from my breakfast earlier that day.

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Premium tonkotsu white. Pork & chicken broth with pork cha siu, wood ear (kikurage), and thin noodles.

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F got the tonkotsu assari and extra cha siu, the latter of which came on a separate plate.

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The tonkotsu assari. Pork broth, cha siu, bean sprouts, and thick noodles.

We both agreed that the broth was really good. Strong and flavourful, and not too salty. We noticed that while some on Zomato have complained that Ramen Butcher’s noodles are unusual, the thin ramen noodles (which came with my premium tonkotsu white bowl) at Jinya Ramen Bar were quite similar, and despite the complaints of others, are enjoyable at both ramen joints. Whether you order thick or thin noodles at Jinya, they’ll have your typical ramen texture.

Our only scruple was with the cha siu, which fell apart very easily and had an almost crumbly (not crumby) texture. It falls apart in chunks when you try and pick a whole slice up, and you can feel the meat practically atomize as you try to chew. (Okay, I’m exaggerating just a bit. But it was definitely weird!)

Other than the weak cha siu, the meals were tasty and we’d go back. F might skip the extra side of pork, but it’s not too expensive and with the 41 bus stop right outside its doors, Jinya Ramen Bar is very conveniently located. Jinya is good for getting a convenient fix of ramen in the west side, and is in a pleasant neighbourhood to boot. Not half bad!



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