Tea Party on a Stormy Day

A rough storm passed through the Lower Mainland last Saturday, which happened to be the day of a small tea party that I put together (with F’s help, of course). At one point in the day, over 500,000 people were without power, and today, there’s still 60,000 remaining BC Hydro customers who are waiting to see the electricity-generated light at the end of this dark tunnel.

It’s still storming out right now, but luckily it’s more of a rain storm than a wind storm.

I had originally planned to have last Saturday’s tea party outside, like the one I hosted last year, but the rain and winds destroyed that ambition (along with some trees). Still, friends made it out, and our little gathering settled in to party games and a carbs-on-carbs afternoon tea.

DSC_0846_001(Edit B)

I lit some candles in recognition of this new summer storm ambiance.

We dug in, some of us getting to know others better than we had before, and chatted about the upcoming school year.

I tried the Turkish apple tea that Ruby had brought back from Turkey for me as a souvenir. It had a delightful apple ciderish flavour, and I’ll definitely pick it again the next time I sit down for a spot of tea.

Outside, just as it does today, the storm raged on.

It was a nice time to have the comforts of soothing drinks and carbs.

DSC_0847_001(Edit - Cropped B)

I like putting together simple tea parties for friends. This one was supposed to be a “back to school” gathering for my fellow polisci majors.

School starts next week, and I am not looking forward to it. All I can really think about is Imagine Day right now, and whether it will be raining as hard as it did last year, or as hard as it is today. I’ll be boothing for my club (come say hi if you’re around campus!) outside, so hopefully the Weather Network’s forecast is correct and it’ll only be mildly cloudy on the 8th. Right now, though, I am stuck in a downpour and am going to fix up some tea before settling onto my couch to read Red Seas Under Red Skies.

Happy rainy Monday, everyone!

Don’t you love summer vacation.


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