A Special Day: ‘Meh’ Food Pics, Boyfriend Photos, & a Peek at My Pink Hair

Not great food pics, but I did have a wonderful day last Friday. Miku, The French Table, Strategies & Games, a facial, and Chapters. All with my favourite human!


 Miku zen lunch set at the sushi bar. I’d only eaten at tables near the back before, but now I can highly recommend accepting a spot at the bar if you’re alone or in a party of two. Watching the staff slice up sashimi, torch the tops of salmon oshi, and prep nigiri is fascinating!


Delicious bread & delicious, fresh-tasting garlic prawns.


Not only is The French Table a good place for an early (or late) dinner date, but it makes for fun people watching as the sun sets!

IMG_1697Can you see the pain in his face from being asked to pose one too many times?


I could smell the bouillabaisse from across the table. Heavenly. Also very filling.


Coq au vin. Very hearty and very filling. I would definitely order it again!


Pink hair. I hope to get it a little more bubblegum-y soon!

I ordered two desserts at The French Table, both of which were the crepe suzette. NOTHING is better than their crepe suzettes. A main dish is filling in itself, but if you go, definitely make sure to save room for dessert. They’re open until 10:30pm most days, so I personally plan on going back for some late-night, citrusy goodness!

Maybe not too often, though. The place was pretty empty while we were there (we had a very early dinner), so our waiter told the entire staff about my visually emotive love for the dessert. It was hilarious, but if I already have a reputation, I don’t want to make it worse by going, like, EVERY DAY.

(True, I wouldn’t go every day. But only because I couldn’t to go afford every day.)


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