Taken to Takumi

We drove a friend to the airport the other day. I drove to UBC, F drove from UBC to Takumi, and Takumi to the airport. (And from the airport back home. But I drove from home to Renfrew station and back! Making use of my N, finally.)

As his Last Supper of sorts in Vancouver–at least, for twenty days–we headed over to Takumi. His Japanese prof recommended the place to him back in his first year because it’s authentic and actually Japanese-run. He’s since made it one of his regular spots.


We settled in a few minutes before it opened at 11:30am.


Our friend thinks highly of the tea.


We ordered quite a bit. F, who usually turns his nose up at all salads, recently discovered that he loves the sauce used in Japanese salads. The one he ordered came out a bit bigger than expected, so we all enjoyed a few bites!


The salad I stole.


F’s agedashi tofu. The top tofu was flavourless, since it didn’t touch the sauce, but it was otherwise good.



I ordered a California cone, which had a hearty chunk of imitation crab. F ordered a scallop roll, and our friend ordered the tamago. It all tasted good, but the scallop roll gave F food poisoning and, four days later, he’s still suffering–even with his now good friend Pepto Bismol.


So much tamago.


Deep fried soft shell crab. Tasty on its own or with the sauce. It wasn’t too greasy but had the expected deep fried feel. Even without the sauce, it has a bit of a zing, but I’d probably skip it if I went again.


Yu-dofu. Boiled tofu with cabbage, enoki mushroom, and another kind of mushroom not listed on the menu. It isn’t flavourful but is a good choice on a cold winter day.


Our last order was the wagyu-sukiyaki hot pot. It was dee-licious! The sauce mixes well with the wagyu beef, enoki, cabbage, and noodles, and was probably my favourite dish of the day. That being said, it’s also $38, so I wouldn’t order it again. But mmmMMMM WAGYU BEEF.

Since Takumi is so close to UBC and it seems popular with these two, I’ll probably be heading back again this upcoming school year (F is willing, despite getting food poisoning. He loves his Japanese food). Hopefully I’ll then get a chance to try other dishes on the menu that I might like better!



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