August 13th // 12 AM Thoughts

I’m with my friends living that almost alternate life of Existing Elsewhere, following a pattern of: eat, play games, mess around on the computer and remind ourselves of our real lives, lie around, get lost in nostalgia, eat, play more games, sleep at two, wake up at noon, repeat.

I did manage to get one job application in. It’s easy to get lost in the pattern of Existing Elsewhere, just as it’s easy to get lost in summer break. It’s sad to think that in a few short weeks, I won’t be able to pull out my tabletop games at gatherings or go for late night bubble tea or go to Basho at a moment’s notice. I know I’ll get to do those things once in a while (except maybe go to Basho), but I won’t be able to do them without the spectre of school work haunting my ass. Maybe I can make it work, but it also depends on the people. I want to make my last year at uni a fun one, and I like getting what I want.

What I like about Regular People work: no homework. (Most of the time.)

I need some time to get used to reality. Summer vacation has been too good to me.

Some things I’ve been up to in the last two weeks:

  • Saw Ant Man. A good, fun movie, despite it being a movie about a superhero called Ant Man
  • Saw Paper Towns, which I liked better than The Fault in Our Stars
  • Played tabletop games with people who are fun to play tabletop games with
  • Watched fireworks at English Bay
  • Became addicted to a really good winter melon soup

Aaand, some things I’ll be up to in the next few days:

  • Hiking
  • Going to 90’s Night at Library Square. Thankfully I’ve heard that you don’t actually have to dress like people did in the 90’s because that sounds like hell
  • Bleaching my hair

The hair thing is tomorrow. I don’t want to go blonde, but that’s the in-between step from dark, dark brown to pastel pink. Excited! Ish. But mostly tired.




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