So F and I popped by Ajisai when it was open.

It’s hidden away in a cute little nook in Kerrisdale, but I don’t think anyone has trouble finding it. It’s always busy.


Ajisai is the best sushi bar in Kerrisdale, but it’s a Lower Mainland highlight. We may have a lot of sushi joints in the PNW, but there are fewer authentic Japanese sushi bars. This is one of them!


11823680_10153456087192768_924489017_n (1)

11823934_10153456087152768_424652588_n (1)

11823943_10153456087267768_1126567126_n (1)

Three smaller pics of the bar area from F’s phone.

We put our name on the waiting list and watched the food coming out of the kitchen. Lots of seafood salads. Coincidence?

We thought not.


We ordered it for ourselves. Best decision of the night!* We ordered a few things on Ajisai’s extensive menu, but this was our favourite.

*The seafood salad has since become our personal favourite at Ajisai


The salad combines fresh-tasting leafy greens, cool shrimp, tuna, and salmon, a light vinaigrette and the perfect top-up crunch of what I assume are Kellogg’s corn flakes. YUMMY!


I got the tako sumiso ae from the appetizer menu.

The tako sumiso ae is super flavourful with just a hint of wasabi. It’s a good mix of juicy, crunchy, and chewy. I order the dish often, but might be a bit too potent for people who like their foods on the blander side and I can taste why.



My california cones and ebi chopped scallop. Cones are fun, FYI.

IMG_1651The house special roll with a bean curd wrapping. Tastes exactly the way it looks.

We really like Ajisai’s extensive menu, even if we tend to stick to a few favourites (the seafood salad, all day every day thank you.) I’m picky with my food but Ajisai has found a way into my heart! Now it’s up there in our list of regulars, alongside the Guus and Forage*.

Ajisai is worth checking out for a good example of authentic Japanese sushi bar cuisine! It’s a small busy restaurant, so be prepared to wait. But it’s worth it. Just remember to get the seafood salad!!



*I offered those as examples of what we tend to gravitate to when we’re not trying something new. Hopefully this lets you know that we don’t base our regulars on falsely conceived notions of foodie snobbery**, but rather our own personal tastes.

**I have been accused of being a food snob but REALLY I’m just a picky eater who doesn’t like $1.75 slices of pizza

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