Lunch at (Savoury) Obsession

I am no stranger to Sweet Obsession. I’ve been going since my mid-teens with friends and family. I adore their cakes–especially the triple berry mousse cake and the raspberry lime flan. I like other sweets on the menu, but I always fall back on one of those two, so strong is my obsession with them.

The other day, I went to Sweet Obsession for lunch with my grandmother and sister. I’d never been for lunch, which isn’t much of a shocker because if a place is big on sweets, I generally never bother with anything but while I’m there. My sister wanted cake in the middle of the day, though, so the three of us headed for lunch with dessert in mind.


Turns out Sweet Obsession offers some good quality lunchtime dishes! I ordered the soup of the day, which was a hearty, creamy clam chowder.

Sweet Obsession offers the kind of lunchtime meals you’d expect to find at Shaughnessy, or Seasons in the Park. Except, of course, with fewer selection and better pricing. The food has that same Western, almost British vibe though.


The tuna melt is yummy. It’s chock full of tuna and the bread is grilled to a nice crispy texture.


My grandmother has celiac disease, so she brought her own gluten-free bread and the wonderful waitress, who was super cheerful and accommodating, took it back to use for my grandma’s chicken and brie panini.


The cranberries add a burst of sweet flavour to the tasty panini. The chicken brie was just as good as the tuna melt, so if you’re debating between the two I suggest heavily considering how you feel about the cranberries. You’ll either love them or they’ll be a bit of a turn off.

All of the meals were fairly filling. I certainly had no room for dessert, but my lunchmates ordered two slices of cake for themselves (M2 can never get enough of the white chocolate raspberry mousse cake).

While I enjoyed lunching at Sweet Obsession, and the waitress, who was by far one of the cheeriest and most amiable people I’ve met, made our experience all the better, I have to admit Sweet Obsession’s biggest draw is still, unsurprisingly, it’s suitability as a post-dinner dessert spot. For my friends and I, it can’t be beat because of the perfect balance it strikes between affordability, quality, and location.

It’s nice to know that in a pinch, lunch at Sweet Obsession isn’t too bad, either!


PS: Sweet Obsession is currently running a little contest. To enter, review them on Zomato, TripAdvisor, Yelp, Facebook, and the like for a chance to win a beach picnic party pack for 6! See details on their site.

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