Korean BBQ at Jang Mo Jib

My high school friend group has made a little habit of meeting for brunch on Saturdays. We meet somewhere along Broadway and Cambie, as it’s close to where V works, and chit chat the morning away, updating each other on our lives. We’ve hit up Dynasty for dim sum, Elysian for coffee, Shishinori for healthy salads. It’s all been fun.

All the same, we hadn’t been to dinner in a while, so C hustled us all up and set a date for Korean BBQ. She picked Jang Mo Jib, with the idea that it wouldn’t be too inconvenient for any of us, who commute from across Vancouver and Richmond from home and work.

I ran into A on the Canada Line. She had just come from the new outlet mall by YVR. It was opening day, and she was working sales at Cole Haan (one of my favourite shoe brands!!!). Apparently she hadn’t been overwhelmed by the massive crowds of opening day… but only because they kept a line outside and only allowed a small number of people in at a time.

We arrived at JMJ and were hit with a blast of muggy heat.

It had been muggy outside, but inside the BBQ house it was stiflin’. Guess that’s what you get for going for hot food on a hot day! (Some AC really would have been nice, though.)

We set about ordering. It was sweet seeing everyone so excited about what to eat. We do dine together a fair bit, but everyone must have really been craving Korean food because the energy was palpable.


Naeng myun cold noodles.

We went through water like crazy. Most of us ordered tasty cold soup.

I’m (big reveal time!) not the biggest fan of Korean food, so there wasn’t much for me to choose from. I always like short ribs though, so I ordered B2: the L.A. Gahl Bee which came with a bowl of rice. On their website, JMJ prices B2 at $17.95, but at the Robson location it’s $20.


I don’t think it was worth $20, but they were as good as expected. I mean, just imagine the way Korean BBQ short ribs taste when you eat them. They tasted like that. Nothing fancy, just basic tasty stuff.

A got a hot pot soup, which arrived bubbling hot.


Just the kind of soup she likes. She said she enjoyed hers, but like C and V compared it a bit to Sura, which she found to be the better restaurant.IMG_1571

AL ordered the bibimbap. “I love bibimbap,” she exclaimed when I asked her. “I order it every time I go for Korean!”

“You just like saying the name,” V chimed, making AL laugh.


K got the spicy noodle soup.


Before she mixed it all up.



A few of us shared the hae mool pah jun, which is a seafood pancake also stuffed with green onions and egg. It’s served with a special soy sauce dip. C, V, and A were super excited for dish, and C really enjoyed it. AL liked it, but said Sura’s was a bit better. Still, a good dish to share among friends.


A good sharing option.

Overall, we enjoyed the Jang Mo Jib Robson location. Some of the dishes were priced higher than I expected, and some were perfectly reasonable, no matter what your order JMJ will easily satiate your craving for Korean BBQ.

(Just don’t go when it’s 30º+C out!)


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