Thought Bubbles: Vol. 1.1 // The First Plans

Now back from a little vacation away from my blog–in which I finished off the second half of summer school and then had a week of fun spending time with my cousins from San Diego–I want to introduce a new feature for the blog!

It’s more of a practical thing for me to call it a feature/series. I really do want to start organizing the blog a bit better. I have Pick Me Up Mondays, but I also want to do some text-heavy posts now too. These will be called Thought Bubbles posts.

Anyone want to make me graphic headers? Because as you can see, I kind of suck at making them.

Anyway, my current plans for the blog are as follows:

  • Sometimes occasional, sometimes regular Pick Me Up Mondays
  • Restaurant reviews
  • Miscellaneous food things
  • Activities in Vancouver
  • Vacation journaling
  • Text-heavy Thought Bubbles posts where I just talk about whatever is on my mind. Will vary in length
  • Book posts

That’s it for now. I haven’t resolved to create a strict time table for posts other than getting something out there 2-3 times a week (four, if I’m being ambitious). I might go two whole months without a book post, although you can be sure I’ve been reading. If things go well, I’ll make another another post where I outline some semblance of a schedule. For now, I’ve just categorized things (some new!) so, uhm, that’s at least something for me to be happy about!

Now, onto more Thought Bubbles.

How about the 60+ major wildfires burning in BC right now? The smog has started to get better in Vancouver, but I believe the air quality health hazard warning is still in effect. The other day, I spent time in Coquitlam, Richmond, and Vancouver. In Coquitlam I was on top of a mountain and not within windfall of the now-contained Burnaby mountain fire, so I didn’t experience much smoke. Richmond and Vancouver wind conditions were much more unfavourable, and the sun was like an orange glowing ball set behind the smog. It smelt like campfire everywhere, and we had to close our windows despite the heat because the smell was a nuisance.

The forest fires made me think about older people and asthmatics, who have a harder time with the poor air quality. I also thought about the firefighters on duty, risking their lives as they work to contain the wildfires (the Pemberton fire grew 24x in one night, covering a geographical space about the same size as the municipality of Vancouver. Talk about terrifying work).

I also thought about a Globe and Mail piece I read for my rhetoric class a month ago. It was written by one of those columnists who says controversial things once in a while to stir the pot and increase readership interaction (in Globe Debate on the G&M site). The writer argued that firefighters are being paid too much, particularly when there are now few fires in cities and small-town municipal governments are on tight budgets.

With the recent string of wildfires, and the whole global warming thing heralding potentially less rainfall in the long-term future, I don’t think that kind of article would have been allowed to go to print if it had been written today instead of last month. Kairos may not be everything, but it’s certainly something, isn’t it?

And with that, I think I’ll wrap up my first Thought Bubbles post. I’ve also had compassion and a personal yearbook project on my mind, but some good chats have helped me hash things out and I think I can leave them for another time, until I’m impelled to type up some thoughts on them again.

Have a good week everyone. Pet some animals, try to see things from other people’s perspective, and treat yourself to some chocolate!



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