Science World After Dark: Ultimate Dinosaurs

Well, hello! It’s been a while. I’m aware. I’ve finished up summer school now, and am living la dolce vida working, hanging out with my half-American cousins, playing video games, getting my family (including! Parents!) to play a game of Ultimate Werewolf, and surviving an unusually long Vancouver heat wave (which my house is super unaccustomed to).

I hope you all had a lovely Canada Day on Wednesday. I certainly did!

A few weeks ago, F and I went to Science World After Dark: Ultimate Dinosaurs. Science World’s After Dark series are meant to give the 19+ population an opportunity to enjoy all that Science World has to offer–without children running amok. It also gives Science World the opportunity to profit from ticket and beer sales, as it’s a “thing to do” in Vancouver, a city which, some would argue, doesn’t have much activity for restless people.

I wanted to go because dinosaurs. I spent a significant amount of time during my summer school term slacking off from readings and instead watching old BBC dinosaur documentaries. I’m still interested in learning more about them, so! Off F and I went to Science World one nice, not-too-hot summer evening.

Oh, and Jurassic World came out a few weeks ago, so good timing with that, too. Dinosaur hype!

First we checked out all the ground floor activity, some of which I recognized from past school visits from years ago.

We had particular fun with Tower of Annoy:


F completed the first half, then I completed the second. The he completed the second half, to prove he could do it. It took us way more than the perfect score of 64 movements to beat it, but we pulled through.


We tried some other puzzles after that, and did that “whose brain is more relaxed” game where two people sit across from each other with headsets on, relax, and spectators watch a silver ball placed in between them move from one side or the other, depending on who is having the most trouble relaxing.

My friends and I tried our own little experiment years ago, and found that it was pretty much impossible to win if you were on the left side. Watching others tonight, and doing the experiment with Fred, I found that the results were no different. Pooh.


After we wandered the main floors, we went into the sonic and visual wonkiness near the back of the ground floor.IMG_7203


Masterful plucking of the infrared harp.




On the second floor, we wandered into a room that takes a long time to leave.

Because it has a bajillion building blocks!

IMG_7226 We spent half an hour happily constructing away in the Keva Gallery, carefully arranging our blocks into towers and, in my case, avante-garde train stations.


Everyone else in the room seemed to be really going at it. There were some amazing structures that I was too shy to take pictures of–towers, castles, houses. Tons of cool stuff. F and I spied on a few to glean some structural tips.


You can see some examples on display behind the red ribbon.

I highly recommend you check out the Keva room when you visit Science World–playing with the blocks is a nostalgic exercise that’ll consume you for a good little while. We had so much fun!

… Even when one of us accidentally wrecked the other’s oevre. 


My beautiful avante garde train station, post-partial destruction // “Sorry!!!”


I found it particularly fun to try and make the blocks balance in the least uniform way. This was post knee-quake, so it’s not as nicely structured as before. But if I’m going to be honest… it was pretty much like this before. There were just more gateways.

After we had our fun, we ventured on to the featured exhibit of the night: Ultimate Dinosaurs.


As far as I’m aware, there isn’t anything new about the dinosaurs displayed in the exhibit, but I could be wrong!



We wandered around the packed, black-walled rooms. By this time at night the place was really crowded. The atmosphere was upbeat. Hand in hand, we inspected the different dinosaurs that lived in different periods, ran into people we knew, played a group interactive Pangea map-building game, and watched people make shadows across a projector screening an ancient forest scene.


A sped-up history of dinosaurs on Earth.




Little blocks of graphics and info text were littered around the models of dinosaurs skeletons.

IMG_7249Science World’s Ultimate Dinosaurs exhibit will be around until September 7th, 2015. If you’re in need of something to do, I recommend checking it out! Also I highly recommend going to an After Dark show the next time one pops up, especially if you haven’t been to Science World in a long while. The place will still be bustling, but not in a chaotic way–just enough to keep the atmosphere energized (or maybe that was me just running off nostalgia excitement). And I mean, I love kids… but once in a while, Science World without a couple hundred of them is pretty sweet.



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