Mamie Talyor’s

We popped into Mamie Taylor’s for C’s birthday last Sunday night! It was pretty empty at 7pm, and remained so for the rest of the evening. Which conveniently gave my friends more space and time to take a bajillion group photos. The waitress humoured us.


The day’s specials are listed out on a separate menu. I picked the short rib croquette from the specials, and the kale & mushroom salad from the regular menu.


Short rib croquette, tomatoes, cheese, avocado puree.


Warm mushroom and kale salad.

The croquettes were good, though avocado puree isn’t really my thing. Warm, everything you’d expect–short ribs mixed with onions and sauce within the bread crumbs. Nothing too flavourful but for $10, not bad!

The warm kale salad was also yummy. The cooked mushrooms (tons of variety, yay!) kept the salad warm. The texture was crumbly, crunchy, soft, and squishy (remember the mushrooms). The kale salad felt like a full meal on its own, so after the croquettes, I had a more difficult time finishing everything off.


Another one of the dishes–the rock fish, I think.


Overall, Mamie Taylor’s offers good food, but it’s nothing special or worth a re-visit. In part, it’s because the cuisine doesn’t particularly excite me. Not really my kind of thing. The food also took over half an hour to come out, which sucked because I was hungry.

I wasn’t impressed with the service, either. Our waitress humoured us with our group picture taking (again, happy birthday C!!), which I appreciated, but once the food arrived she disappeared to the back. We were one of two tables in the restaurant (there was another table outside but they seemed to be friends with the staff), and while I politely tried to get the waitress’ attention because both of our water jugs had been empty for a while, she would just huddle with her fellow staff members and not look our way. This happened more than once. And when one of them did seem to acknowledge us, they went first to the other occupied table before coming to ours.

As far as I’m aware, we were very polite and not wild or rude at all (were they bothered we didn’t order any drinks? I have no idea). So I’m not sure what that was about. Maybe it’s just me, though… Anyway. I wouldn’t recommend a trip. In 2013, I believe, Mamie Taylor’s was named one of Vancouver’s best new restaurants. I’ve been wanting to go ever since that list came out, but for one reason or another I just never made it out until this Sunday. I have to say, though. I certainly don’t regret waiting. I didn’t miss anything.


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