Oregon Trip: Oswald West State Park

We did a lot of driving this day. A lot. Or rather, F did. He did all the driving, all the time. And when you go in the wrong direction, it takes even longer (whose fault the direction problem was, is still undecided). But we saw some beautiful stuff, so what does it really matter?




Oswald West State Park has another lovely beach for those in the Seaside area.





Little jellyfish type things found all along the beaches of the Oregon coast. We never really figured out what they were until we left–they’re velella velella. We thought there were tons of these things, but apparently there were many, many more in the month previous!

Photo credit to Julia


Photo credit to Julia


After wandering the beach for a few hours, we headed back to the car, where we returned to Seaside for another meal of fried seafood.

The day wasn’t over, though, so a few of us hit the road again…

Until next time!



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