Oregon Trip: Riverside and Cannon Beach

In the afternoon, after our Blue Star Donut run and Little Big Burger lunch in Portland, we set off for Seaside.

After several rounds of the ABC game, Degrees of Separation, and snoozing (at least, for those in the back seats), we arrived in Seaside. It’s a small, cute little tourist town. We wandered on foot down the main strip, down to the beach, and back to the hotel to see if our rooms were ready yet.

We chose to stay at the River Inn at Seaside because of a Groupon I found. I’m so glad we did! It’s clean & tidy, family-friendly but not obnoxiously loud (or loud at all, really), has tons of free DVD rentals, a pool & hot tub, and a complimentary breakfast. It was a wonderful place to stay, and if I ever made a trip back to Seaside, I’ll definitely be considering it again!

Once we were all settled in and rested, we headed out once more for dinner. We wanted to go to Mo’s, a popular seafood chain destination-worthy enough to have it’s own highway signs: “X miles to Mo’s,” “Turn at corner for Mo’s.” Our hopes were up!

We were still a bit early for dinner when we arrived, though, so we meandered on the beach first.




Head back up to eat at Mo’s.

Mo’s was… okay. Super filling, for sure. If you’ve got a big appetite, I highly recommend it. But it’s pretty similar to the rest of Seaside & the Cannon Beach area: lots of greasy, deep fried seafood. Oh, and good, creamy clam chowder!

After that, we wandered back down the beach.




We drove further down to the part of Cannon Beach where Haystack Rock is. That involved walking through soft sand, looking for puffins when all we could see were seagulls, and taking peeks at the marine life living in the water shallows.








Back at the hotel, we played some games and then hopped into the pool–much warmer than the Pacific Ocean! I personally had a lot of love for the hot tub. Bubble jets & just enough heat to help relax from a day of driving and wandering.

It was a nice way to end our day, chatting and relaxing in the hot tub & pool area, which we luckily had all to ourselves!

And in the morning… a little complimentary buffet!



Until next time!




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