Oregon Trip: Little Big Burger

Soon came our last meal before leaving for Seaside! We chose Little Big Burger, which is popular among locals and travelers alike–and is also on SE Division street, just like Pok Pok!



Herp derp. (Do people even say that anymore?)



Little Big Burger is sweet, hipsterish, and unmistakably Portlandian. Locally sourced ingredients, organic ingredients, and a particular aesthetic that makes it stylishly distinct from any other burger house you’ve been to. Oh, and the truffle fries. Those too.


I was actually a little disappointed they didn’t have regular fries. Maybe I should have asked? But it wasn’t on the menu.

The truffle fries are a novelty and they’re tasty, but I suppose I just don’t need that many.

IMG_1327My cheeseburger was delicious. The perfect greasy but oh-so-good fix for all your fast food cravings–and less bad for you!

I’d still have to say In-n-Out takes top spot in my heart’s list of Most Favourite Cheeseburgers Ever, but Little Big Burger has now cemented itself solidly in second place.

If you’re in Portland and are craving burgers, don’t stop by one of the bajillion MacDonald’s. Little Big Burger is your burger joint.



PS: Step up your fast-food burger game, Vancouver!

PPS: Maybe it’s for the best you don’t… I don’t need to be eating cheeseburgers day in n’ day out


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