Oregon Trip: Farina Bakery

For our last day in Portland, we had a few key places to stop. The most important, to me, was Farina Bakery!

While at the bakery, I had one of those moments where I was too embarrassed to take a photo of the place I was checking out. Oops. There weren’t really any good pictures of the interior as a result. But essentially, Farina is perfectly suited to its Ladd Circle neighbourhood, has an open-kitchen concept, and has that old-Americana charm (much like the houses in Portland) of pale, muted, and clashing colours.



Farina’s macarons are $2 a pop. Similar to Canadian prices, but in USD instead of CAD. The macarons were good, but not any better than the good macaron purveyors in Vancouver, like Faubourg, Thierry, and Soirette. Still, I won’t pass up an opportunity to try out good macarons! I loved the raspberry one best. F took a particular interest in the tirimasu–haven’t ever tried anything like it!IMG_1291



Ugh. I love macarons.

Now I’m craving some again!

If you’re in the neighbourhood and the US dollar is low, I recommend a trip to Farina. Their other pastries are also delicious in a homey, excellent kind of way, and make for a good midday snack!


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