Oregon Trip: Tasty N Sons


There were so many places in Portland that I wanted to check out for brunch, and so little time. Eventually I settled on Tasty N Sons, recommended to me by a local blogger, hummingbirdhigh (one of my faves!).



There were a lot of tempting choices. I wound up picking the dutch baby, which I have absolutely zero regrets about. I was hesitant about it at first, because I’ve never had a dutch baby, but the waitress recommended it and I thought it was about time I gave the dish a try.

I’m sooooo glad I did.

IMG_1112 (1)

Not pictured: the lemon curd and jam that accompanied the dish. The condiments are what really made this dish worthwhile. UGH! SO GOOD! I need to try and make some dutch babies myself in the future. (Don’t tell F! JK HAHAHA)


My side of bacon. Because I wanted bacon.

IMG_1116 (1)

F’s sammich.


AS & JC both got a cheddar biscuit/”brunch hamburger” of sorts, one with chicken and one with beef. You can find the dishes listed under the “boards” part of the brunch menu, though I don’t quite remember what they’re called.


Finally, JR’s Burmese stewed beef on rice dish. Looks good, doesn’t it? It took a while for it to come out, but I think it was worth the wait.

Overall, I’d recommend a trip to Tasty N Sons. There’s something for everyone, and the prices are fair. Check it out!




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