Oregon Trip: Blue Star Donuts and Wandering

We spent a morning in downtown Portland! And of course our first stop was Powell’s. That store is an absolutely amazing place–I could have spent all day there, but my friends aren’t as bibliophilic as me. We did spend over an hour there, though, and I picked up a few books, tax free and cheaper than I could have in Canada

Yes, I did a few price comparisons. They have WiFi. They also have a shelf or two in their board games area dedicated to all the games featured in TableTop Season 3! A huge treat for our inner outer nerd. Nearby, F and I spotted Crabs Adjust Humidity, the hilarious third party expansion packs for Cards Against Humanity. The packs were locked away behind a glass door, so we asked a salesperson for help and purchased volume one to add to our future Cards Against Humanity collection.

One of my more literary purchases was Wildwood, a Portland-based children’s fantasy novel. It was written by a member of the Decemberists and has a cute, whimsical cover, illustrated by Carson Ellis. It can currently be found displayed throughout the very large store. I picked mine up in the touristy area, pictured below.


Wildwood wasn’t the only cute item I picked up! Hahaha. Pickup jokes.

(Sorry. I’ll never do that again.)

After Powell’s, we headed out to wander the streets.

Back in Vancouver, before we left for Portland, F found Blue Star donuts on Urbanspoon and suggested we check it out.

We’re so glad he did, because Blue Star is way better than Voodoo, Portland’s most famous donuterie.



Blue Star is one of those artisanal donut places, which is right up my alley. I don’t need anyone to stick froot loops on a vanilla glazed, dense and basic donut. But offer me a powdered meyer lemon donut with key lime curd filling? GOD.







If I knew how to make gifs, I would have.

That was probably my favourite donut, out of all the donuts I’ve ever tried in my short lifetime. Meyer lemon with key lime curd filling.  Remember the name! Get it the next time you’re in Portland! Blue Star have more than one location, it turns out. A few days later, we found one while looking for Farina Bakery–and lucky we did. Obama was, for some reason, in Portland visiting Nike Headquarters that day and made going downtown again before we left for Seaside a huge pain. (Thanks Obama. Tsk tsk.) We picked some up at the location near Ladd Circle instead, and made off for the Oregon Coast with our precious, precious donuts in tow.


F also tried the creme brulee donut, which he said was pretty good.



Post-donut chats.

After Blue Star, we continued wandering.


A Mansur Gavriel bucket bag! Tax and shipping free! Now all I need is 495 USD…



Next we found a Will Leather. F looks at their men’s goods sometimes online.



Soon our journey shifted, and we made for our next adventure–Blue Star still on our minds* (and in our bellies). More updates next time!

See ya,


*The Mansur Gavriel bucket bag was on my mind too


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