Club Elections

Two years ago a friend and I started the UBC Nerdfighter club to connect nerdfighters around campus to each other. UBC is a big, big place, and it can be hard, especially for shyer nerdfighters like myself, to find people with similar interests and equally quirky personalities. (Did your heart stop when you saw the latest Age of Ultron trailer? Because mine totally did.)

Our club started off small, with a regular attendance of about 10-12 people, but it was fun and we connected people and everyone seemed to actually enjoy themselves, and that’s what mattered.

I love the idea of bringing people together. I like the idea of making a space for nerds to meet each other. Seeing people having fun together, and seeing the people I like smiling and getting excited and engaging deeply with each other over the most trivial parts of their favourite shows, games, and books, is genuinely meaningful to me. I love facilitating connection.

I’m not a sap! It’s just nice, that’s all.

Our success as a club in creating a social space for nerdfighters and nerds alike has grown since that winter of 2013. We’re still the same casual club we started out as, but it’s been fun to watch the club evolve; meeting new regulars, hanging out with the old, putting on fun new events, figuring out what we can do to bring out the best in our club and its members. It’s always fun.

Yesterday was Elections + Games night, where we played Avalon, One Night Ultimate Werewolf, and Cards Against Humanity. We also elected the 2015-2016 club executive, and four of us old exec members said hello to three brand-new faces!

Or, newish. I’ll admit they’re not entirely new. The incoming exec have all been regulars to this year’s club events. But this is good because they know what the club is all about and are clearly interested in UBC Nerdfighters enough to commit the time to making it even better.

A trustworthy third party, R, counted the ballots for us. In a sort-of stunning turn of events, the only position that had any competition–VP Marketing–ended in a tie. We managed to convince a few abstainees to help with the tie breaking, and… our two candidates tied again. All of the old exec were elated that both candidates had applied, and wanted them both on the team, so we had a closed-door meeting (i.e. very professional chattering in one of the hallways of the Neville Scarfe building) and discussed what options we had.

We presented the best proposition to the VP Marketing candidates, and they came to an amicable agreement. Success!

M took the role of VP Marketing, and W took the un-elected, hired position of VP Events. W is a blogger just like myself and I am so excited she’ll be blogging for the club next year! And I’m glad that as a team, we the outgoing executive formulated a solution that fulfilled our own interests and and the interests of both very qualified candidates.


Next year will be fun. I’m looking forward to my final year with the club and with UBC, as much as I’m sad to be leaving it sooner than I would like. (This club is my metaphorical baby! I don’t want to part with it! Ugh, I’m going to get mushy. Let’s stop.)

Anyway… cheers, to all of us. Next year is going to be fun!


🎶 One of these people is not like the others… ONE OF THESE PEOPLE JUST DOESN’T BELONG.🎶



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