Brunch at Forage

There are two Birthday months each year. November is the second birthday month established– it’s the month the boy & I were born, and is therefore packed with a variety of dinners with family and friends. The other birthday month, March, is a bit different. Many of my old school friends–and by old I mean known-each-other-since-kindergarten old– are born somewhere in between mid February and the beginning of April, which means March has the busiest weekend get-togethers for birthday celebrations. The other day was K’s birthday, and we went to Forage.


I’d been to Forage for dinner before, and I loved it– the elk was amazing. The owners are really big on sustainable and ethically sourced food, which is fantastic and for those reasons alone I would recommend a trip.

But their brunch! Their brunch. I die.


The Two Rivers turkey sausage hash with eggs benny. A delectable dish with strong flavours from each of the fresh ingredients /foraged/ by Forage. Hahaha! … No, I’m sorry. I hate puns too.


Salt, pepper, and jams. 


The french toast with crispy bacon.


House made strawberry jam! Cool, fresh, and sweet.


Buttermilk pancakes.

I ordered the buttermilk pancakes with blueberries that arrived with little chunks of butter and a dusting icing sugar. And syrup, of course.

I adored them–they’re better than any pancakes in recent memory–but more on that later.

I ordered a side of house made “nutella” (so, chocolate hazelnut spread). A few brunch mates, including the birthday girl herself, dipped their spoons into spread on their own meals!

I’m a big chocolate fan, so I think I made the right choice in picking the side.


The pancakes were perfectly fluffy and tender. The blueberries were sweet, toppled over the pancakes and nestled softly between layers. I ate the pancakes like a tiered cake, slathering the “nutella” on top before treating my taste buds to some of the best pancakes I’ve tried in a long time. I loved them, even more than I loved everyone else’s meal. (Yes, I stuck my fork into other people’s food! I had to. For the blog.) Is the recipe available anywhere? I kind of desperately need it.

The service was decent, but the food (and strong ethics of the restaurant) are why I would recommend multiple trips to Forage for brunch. Everything they serve is delicious.

So add it to your list of go-to brunch places, and stop by when you have a free Sunday!

Oh, and take me with you.


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UPDATE/EDIT: Having gone to Forage a number of times, now, I would also suggest NOT going to Forage with a large group on the patio (or maybe to the patio at all). When I went with seven other friends, it took us ten minutes to be seated and then almost half an hour just to get water. That is not an exaggeration. It was ridiculous.


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