Well hello there! More of this later…

Finally made a trip to Shishinori the other day! P & I needed a good catchup session, so after classes & work we popped down to this small Japanese eatery.


Shishinori is a popular place and it’s small, small, small. We went for an early dinner, but it started to fill up by the time we left at around 6. On a Monday night.

It’s also completely adorable.



Pick a table, peruse a menu, and head up to the till to place your order.





They had anime playing on a wall. This one had a weird farm theme.


P ordered the unagi kabayaki. It tasted as good as it looked–I know, because I snuck a few chopstick-fulls. And that unagi was so warm and flavourful! Good firm texture, too.

Note that it’s served on a bed of brown rice. They only offer brown rice at Shishinori (at least, that’s what the waitress said when another customer asked). If you’re a fan, then you’re in luck. If you’re not into brown rice, then don’t worry too much. You can order something else, or try it out despite your reservations. The brown rice here is barely discernible because you’re too focused on the rest of the dish!


I ordered the prawn okonomiyaki. Mmm! Overall very good. Perfectly cooked–not too soggy, like at some places I’ve been to. Prawns really compliment okonomiyaki. Oh, and the fish flakes too. Good stuff.

The salad was also fun to eat, and the ingredients all tasted fresh. I like Japanese dressings, though, so take that into consideration.IMG_0877

The aesthetic of this place is fantastic. A+ lighting.


And lastly… we both ordered the biggest dessert on the menu. Matcha parfait! What an eyeful.


From top to bottom: two flavours of pocky sticks, a chocolate egg roll cookie, whipped cream, dusting of matcha powder, marshmallows, blue candy thing, matcha soft serve, solid black sesame ice cream chunk, a small swipe of red bean paste, lots of mochi, jello chunks, black sesame soft serve, frosted flakes, and a thin layer of coffee-flavoured gelatin.

WOW. So, that’s a lot. It’s quite good, too. If you’re into the flavours, I recommend trying your hand at making one!

If you’re into Japanese food, I highly recommend Shishinori for a casual meal. It’s an eatery, so don’t expect phenomenal service, but if you’re in the neighbourhood and playing hooky from school–or you’ve finished all your classes early (we’re good kids here)–Shishinori is the perfect place for a sunny spring time lunch. In the summer I’d imagine it’s even more of a go-to; I’m glad I know about it with summer break just around the corner!



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