Brunch At Seasons in the Park

My first time paying a visit to Seasons for brunch. I’ve been many times for their fantastic Sunday Prime Rib special, but I’ve never really thought of the place as a pre-noon go-to. I guess because I can be a picky brunch girl when it comes to restaurants. (Although, of course I’ll always be happy with Medina or Oakwood).

Anyway, V’s birthday gave us all a chance to go!


A rainy day. The plaque reminds patrons that way back when, in a time long, long ago (think, like, 1993), Clinton & Yeltsin dined at Seasons in the Park while in town for the Vancouver Summit. History!

I arrived, out of breath, late for the 10:30 appointment.

I entered, and saw we had the perfect table. I love this corner spot, with a view of the park and the city in the distance. Looked like we lucked out!

And by “we,” I mean me and AW.


The only punctual girl in the group, apparently.

No one else was there.

Everyone else was very late.

Clutch. I was absolved of my guilt, no longer the latest person to arrive. I was, in fact, second there, so I was feeling pretty good.

That’s the grown up thing to think, right? Yeah, I know, I know…

Closer to 11, more people started to arrive. The birthday girl came in towing along several adorably large Hello Kitty birthday balloons. We assured her that no, it wasn’t weird to bring your own balloons to your own birthday party.

(Also, you can’t see it properly, but V had the loveliest dress from BCBGMaxazria. It was perfectly casual yet tasteful and had the most flattering shape! And it looked better on V than it does on the model in the link above, if I do say so myself.)


We ordered. Season’s brunch menu isn’t extensive, and heavy on the eggs Bennie. Everyone but the birthday girl went for some variation of the egg!

Oh, and I had the gaul to ask for scrambled eggs as a substitute for my classic Eggs Benedict. But worth it!


The scrambled eggs were delicious and spiced just a little bit, as were the potatoes. (I love potatoes.) The biscuit and back bacon weren’t particularly flavourful, but not in an atypical way. You would expect this kind of food & these flavours at any traditional, English-slash-West Coast restaurant.


The Smoked Salmon Benedict looked good, too. AW tried to take a sexy food video of one of her eggs breaking open, yolk pooling seductively out of the incision and down the open biscuit… except it pooled backwards, out of sight from her phone camera, decidedly unseductive and messy. Not much of a show. Poor AW!


The Eggs Benedict without the scrambled egg substitution.


The birthday girl’s French Toast.

Seasons offers a truly traditional brunch. You won’t get anything innovative or sensational or exotic. But the quality of the food is good, and on a sunny day in spring, the view can’t be beat–not by any other spot in the city.* So if you check it out, this is how things will go: you’ll order some tea, an egg-centric dish, place the white cloth napkin on your lap, and chat up a storm. I hope you have fun!

And let’s all wish V a happy 21st birthday, yeah? HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


*It was raining that day, hence the lack of outdoor shots. Maybe another time!

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