Pick Me Up Monday: FROOT

Good morning!

Marina and the Diamond’s album FROOT dropped this past night. The songs have all been available for eager listeners prior to today, but I’m still happy I now get to support Marina by buying her album on iTunes.

I love the new album, and while I’m tempted to post the audio for “Happy” this morning, I think everyone needs a slightly less heart-wrenching song to start their day.

So we’ll go with the album’s titular track, “FROOT”. It’s a curious kind of upbeat tune that’ll have you singing along under your breath as you go about your day. On the bus. In the shower. While you’re reading Nietzsche. Like…

In some remote corner of the universe that is poured out in countless flickering solar systems, there once was a star on which clever animals invented knowledge. That was the most arrogant and most untruOO-OO-OO-OOOT. FROO-OO-OO-OOOT. LALALALA LAAAA LAAA.🎶”

That’s how it’ll happen. My promise to you.

Also, there’s an underlying 90’s video game vibe, which is cool.

So, here’s your Monday jam!

From the album, I’d also recommend “Forget,” “You Can Do Better,” and “Immortal”.


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