Mega Sushi


Little toys sit on top of exposed wood blocks.

Spent the evening with my Grandma the other night! It’d been a while since I last saw her–she had been in Panama for almost a month.

At her suggestion we checked out Mega Sushi, a popular sushi restaurant in Steveston village, several hundred feet away from the beaches of Gary Point. She’d been before, but I hadn’t. I’m so glad she picked it! Mega Sushi is a great casual sushi place with fantastic special rolls. (But no, the sushi there is not particularly mega.)


For a casual sushi place, I wouldn’t say Mega Sushi is cheap. But it isn’t entirely unusual in price, so expect to pay $1.50 for miso soup, around $7-$13 for a special roll, and upwards of $9 for anything like udon, donburi, or teriyaki.

There’s so much you’ll want to order when you start flipping through the menu, so you’re better off going with a group. That way you can order a whole whack of special rolls and enjoy taste testing each! Oh–and make a reservation ahead of time. The small restaurant is usually full and bustling.


My soothing miso soup. Cute container, eh?

Since it was just the two of us, we settled on a shared Godzilla roll (a popular one that night–and rightly so. It’s cool); a caterpillar roll for her, and a Canucks roll for myself.


Mega Sushi did my favourite team justice!

I loved the Canucks roll. I gave my grandma a piece and she said, “Now why didn’t I order that?” Telling, right?

It is at its core a California roll, but it’s been slathered with special sauces, soft torched salmon, and topped off with fish flakes, which complimented the rest of the roll well. Would definitely order again.


The caterpillar roll was essentially a California roll with the addition of asparagus inside, and sliced avocado and sauce layered on top. The second time my grandmother has ordered it.


Next was the Godzilla but, which I was pretty excited about. In a forest of greens, raw seafood (scallops, tuna, and salmon) was layered on deep fried beds of seaweed and rice. Topping each bite was roe, alfalfa, and well as a special sauce. Yum! I couldn’t eat too much of it because of my raw seafood intolerance, but I enjoyed what I could.

Mega Sushi is a place I’d definitely return to with a large group. Hopefully I’ll do that eventually, and I’ll link it to UrbanSpoon, which I’m not doing this time.

There’s just so much more to try!

Anyway–if you’re in the neighbourhood, I recommend trying to pop in for some good casual sushi.


Complimentary milk candy instead of mints.


Afterward, the two of us popped into Phoenix Art Workshop’s art class/lecture of the night. My step-grandfather, a painter, was modelling for his artist friend Mark. Hours of just sitting there! Art really is about suffering, isn’t it. (Juuuuuust kidding!)

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