Happy Spring! Oh, and Book Picks from the Library

It was SO unbelievably gorgeous out yesterday. Here’s a little “hello” to the first beautiful day of the year in Vancouver!

It was so lovely I was impelled to get up and out to the library downtown. I took out a bunch of YA to binge read and also looked for some Gaiman but unfortunately, nothing I haven’t read was there.






I’ve been waiting for Stephanie Perkins’ Anna and the French Kiss for a while. I’ve heard such good things about it, but am having a difficult time buying into its popularity because it just sounds so much like something I’d dislike. Still, I want to give it a chance. A couple of friends loved Perkins’ series, so let’s see if the storytelling can get me past a synopsis that made me retch a bit.

I don’t usually buy YA unless I am certain I’ll like the book. A lot of it is hit or miss. So much if it can seem… repetitive. But there are such gems and I love the target age range, particularly for the fantasy genre. When it’s done right, it becomes a favourite.

I’ve also noticed a trend in titles: “____ of Shadows”; “City of _____”; and “Heart of _____” are all popular. Or one-word titles that are marked mainly by their beauty (side note: for a list of some of the most beautiful words in the English language, see here). If you take a peek at the books I picked out, you’ll notice three out of four fall into this… marketing scheme? There’s something going on there, anyway.

So I may not be planning to fall in love with these stories, but I am ready to devour them. Quick, interesting worlds, with (hopefully) strong and complex heroines. I feel like fantasy for YA is much better at accomplishing this than paranormal, which tends to focus on very intense but often unhealthy or bizarre romantic relationships.

Regardless, I’m looking forward to my stories. Books demand to be read.

Oh, and the day was finished off with a big hearty dinner and a few good games of Playstation All Stars.


What a great day!


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