Pick Me Up Monday: Tojo’s (Again)


Happy Monday! I’ve come down with a cold and reading break is over. Thank goodness it’s so beautiful outside. Vancouver may not be as warm as San Diego, but there are cherry blossoms blooming outside and my lil’ Bud is sitting with his chin on the couch, watching the cars drive by and hoping to see another dog pad past the house. This Monday is, at the very least, ending on a nice note.

What really picked me up, though, was this past Saturday. The boy and I celebrated, yesterday. With Tojo’s! Cemented as our favourite restaurant of all time. “All time” referring to our twenty years of existence.

Here’s some pics.

5 course omakase, same as last time. If you want to recap the first experience at Tojo’s, check it out here.


The first course tuna dish was a repeat, but this time with a stronger wasabi flavour. Still very good.

Next was an octopus salad, with radish, carrot, cucumber, and horseradish (and squid ink?) sauces. This was a change from the lobster salad we had last time.



Not pictured: his look of intense satisfaction after taking a bite. The lighting was awful in that one so I can’t post it, woops.


“How many photos are you taking?”

The octopus was fantastic. I chewed on it for a really long time so I could savour the flavour. Despite my best efforts, I still finished my plate before him, which is the kind of thing that happens only at Tojo’s because he normally inhales his food like everyone’s favourite pink animated ball, Kirby.

Next was the salmon. Perfect, not too salmon-y (as in, it wasn’t overbearing, but rather pleasantly faint) on a bed of celery, red peppers, oyster mushrooms, and little bok choi–much like the scallop dish we had the last time we were here.



Next was my favourite dish. Black cod, broccolini, mushrooms, radish garnish, and the tastiest sake-based bisque ever. I still can’t get over it. I wanted to lick the remnants of the bisque off the plate with my tongue. But I’m, um, classier than that? The black cod and mushrooms sopped up the bisque well enough, I guess.IMG_0650



Finally, sushi. Similar to what we had last time. The Tojo roll, which has smoked salmon on top and lobster tail in the middle, was a highlight, as was the tuna karaage roll wrapped in a thin cucumber shell. The waitress told us it would, to our surprise, taste like chicken more than tuna, and she was right! The inside of the roll tasted like crunchy chicken karaage. My boiled prawn nigiri was also very good; I didn’t expect it to have such long lasting flavour. Super juicy.



And, finallyy, dessert. The not-so-secret sixth course. This time our tastebuds were serenaded by a sweet black sesame pudding. We were hesitant with the first few bites, but ultimately ended up enjoying it. The pudding was a great way to end the dinner.IMG_0661

And with that, I’ll end this post. I hope you all had a solid Monday, and the rest of the week goes better than expected.

All the best,



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