Extraordinary Desserts

Have I got the dessert post for you. This morning I had baked a yellow cake with chocolate frosting. A bit disappointing, to be honest… the chocolate frosting tasted like more like cocoa powder than rich creamy chocolate. Anyway, I had to taste test, so that became my breakfast… and more cake, as it turns out, would be a part of my lunch. No complaints here–the cakes I ate were stunning.

But first, before we left the house, we had to check the mail.



Aw, just ads.


The award-winning Extraordinary Desserts chain has two locations. We went to the bigger one, located in Downtown San Diego on Union street.


It’s a vast open space filled with gorgeous treats of both the edible and inedible kind.


Cakes, pavlovas, and puddings. They also have loaves, cookies, and brownies.


The wedding display holding some of the inedible treats. Some pretty “Bride/Groom” cutlery was there.

It was hard to get past the entrance–behind the cake and trinket displays is the seating area–because of all the lovely things. Plates, tea sets, children’s toys, decorations, and cookbooks were all arranged by theme and/or subject. I loitered near the pink, cutesy display and ended up buying a homemade marshmallow how-to book. I am very, very excited to try out some recipes back home.

The sister bought a weird red children’s rabbit and named him Shia LaBoeuf, in honour of this Youtube video. Our Aunt also surprised us with the lunch and market bags. SO lovely!!

But, of course, I’m getting carried away. The food.




We ordered a bit of lunch before dessert. Mostly greens, because we might as well fake some healthy choices before digging into sugar, butter, and other sinfully good stuff, right?

Also, it turns out fresh flowers don’t only adorn most of the sugary delights at Extraordinary Desserts, because my mixed greens salad has some too!


Ronin figuring out which dessert he wanted by ordering them in preference. They often run out of specific desserts, so it’s best to have a few in mind just in case your top choice isn’t available anymore.


My mixed greens.


The sister’s panini.

For dessert, I picked the Passionfruit Ricotta and the Shangri-La. I DIED.


The passionfruit ricotta. Tropical, fluffy, and fruity. Oh, and that plating!


Gorgeously decadent Shangri-la. “White chocolate mousse along with guava mousse and fresh strawberries are layered in between whipped cream and Kirsch infused vanilla cakes. Every girl loves this cake” —X. Well, I have to admit that this girl certainly does! Heavenly.


White chocolate.IMG_0597

Gold flecks. Money shots!


My aunt’s delicious mascarpone & blackberry ice cream.


Ronin’s coffee ice cream. Also fantastic.

Aside from spending time with my family, Extraordinary Desserts has to be the highlight of my trip. It was just too good. I’ll admit I ordered the two slices of cake you saw above for myself, and I was stuffed like Santa’s bag of goodies by the time we left. The cakes are incredibly decadent, even if they can be light.

If you’re not a desserts fan, I honestly still recommend a trip if you’re in the San Diego area. Next time I return to sunny Southern California, I’m coming back. Wouldn’t miss it for the world.

Oh, and now back to Vancouver… and another round of Tojo’s. So long, San Diego!



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PS: Shia Labeouf, if you were wondering.



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  1. You just set my saliva glands into overdrive Miriam! I was in the seat beside you…oooing & ahhhing, making decisions, tasting with my eyes. y u m

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