Shopping in Cedros and In-N-Out


Went window shopping along Cedros avenue today. The small area is chock full of home design and knick-knacky stores, which I adored. Also home to Tucci Boutique, a clothing store that sells very beautiful things at insanely high prices.

The first store we checked out was my favourite: Solo.


The large, warehouse-like space was filled with various sections of styles of interior pieces and coffee table books. The Japanese section included some cool paper lanterns, a cricket cage, and an one-hundred year old kimono.


Other such sections featured nautical-themed decor, vintage alcohol bottles and rustic shot glasses, children’s notebooks and bedding, cookbooks, occasion cards, and various other aspects of home decor. It was amazing and wonderful and I wanted to buy so many things.


Including this giant clothes pin, obviously.

I resisted, but I definitely have my eye on a few pouches and bottles that I might return for another time.

Next up was Muttropolis, an adorable dog store where I bought some Buddy Biscuits for Buddy back home!




In the Leaping Lotus, there are over a hundred little stalls featuring wares from different stores. Very, very cool. I became enamoured with one section that sold cutesy garden party items, like moustache-toting striped paper straws, periwinkle cupcake holders, parasol picks, and bright paper lanterns.IMG_0501


Also fell in love with The French Dog. A beautiful, beautiful book.


And finally, we headed out to Encinitas for some In-N-Out.

*the fast food angels begin to sing*

Enter cheeseburgers, etc.

(Before you ask: no, the kids in the group, myself included, did not order from the not-so-secret menu. I’m a simple girl, and regular cheeseburgers are enough for me.)




The cousins & me.

I had two cheeseburgers: one for myself, and one for the boy, whose love for In-N-Out can be felt in San Diego all the way from Coquitlam.


A young In-N-Out staff member enjoying his break.

And with that, some of us turned our heads from dinner. Our lunch was a late one (3:30pm), so when dinner rolled around… I only ordered a drink. I’m still full! Not that I’ve ever been a big eater. But now that I’m thinking about junky food… mmm… maybe I’ll make that cake tomorrow.




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