Some Photos From Torrey Pines State Park

Went out for a bit of a walk today, along a trail at the Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve–in which resides the famous Torrey Pines golf course–to get a view of the San Diego land and oceanscape. Yellow, yellow, dusty green, and blue.


Before heading out: the sister and Coop.


Parking lot of the Park. You can see the beginning of the trail which goes up that hill; behind it lie the trails.


Up past the hill.



There were many cool creatures listed in the “to watch” board at the park information stand. Geckos were among them. Unfortunately, we didn’t see any of the other creatures scurrying or flying about: tarantulas, ospreys, and snakes and the like were all nowhere to be seen. Maybe some of them were hiding like this little guy!


Ro and the sister winding their way down closer to the beach.


Look at the view! From atop our hill we saw a pod of dolphins, a lone whale surfacing for air, and giant pelicans flying about. I mean, I’m sure the pelicans were average size, but I didn’t realize how big they were.



Down at the beach. Comically hyperactive Ro.




A small seal swam up through the surf and onto the beach to nose around before swimming back into the ocean.

A relaxing day. The fog rolled in with the speed of a wave soon after we sat down to lunch, so we were lucky to have gotten so much out of the sun in the morning. Looking forward to whatever tomorrow holds in store, even if it’s just lazing around the golf course that is my extended family’s backyard and baking a cake. (I really hope I get to bake a cake.)




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