San Diego: Johnny Mañana’s

Hello, friends!

Currently in San Diego for Reading Week visiting family. After being picked up at the airport, my uncle took us to Johnny Mañana’s, a small, charming Costa Rican diner serving up authentic Hispanic food.

Inside and out on the patio area, staff members and a good chunk of the patrons chat in Spanish. The food is incredibly affordable, and everyone is super friendly. Maybe it’s the sunny weather? You’re going to hear me talking about the sun a lot, by the way. Vancouver has been gloomy and rainy for the last 120 days… now I’m in a place that’s sunny and boasting the perfect temperature of 23ºC. Forgive me.




Parrot with a bottle of Corona. No chill.



Cute little pawprints.


My grilled fish taco. Mahi mahi fish, mmm.


The sister taking on her Johnny’s Oceanside burrito, filled with lean ground beef, bacon, nacho cheese, and fries.


My large prawn taco. The prawns were good and meaty.

My uncle ordered a burrito, as my sister did, but without this and with that and a bunch of nacho chips on the side so he could crunch them up and put them in his burrito. Someone’s a bit of a regular.

After a delicious and healthy lunch, we headed over to the house, before prepping for a sweet bonfire night at the beach. Hot dogs and s’moreish cones, crashing waves, and a dark sky filled with clusters of stars. The sister and I were dead tired, but we enjoyed ourselves immensely… and couldn’t help but wish I could share the moment with those back home.

Johnny Mananas on Urbanspoon


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