Pick Me Up Monday: Family Day

Hope everyone enjoyed our newish Canadian holiday, Family Day! BC marks the date a bit earlier than the rest of the Great White North, so I hope the rest of you take the time to enjoy it when your day rolls around.

This extra day off is a real treat, especially for university students going through the slog of February midterms. And everyone in the service industry working during Valentine’s week–to you folks, I’m so sorry.

Today was spent making an orange chocolate cake with salty orange cream cheese icing, and playing Playstation All Stars Battle Royale. I realize I was a bit bossy about the day’s affairs–I forced my sister and DRK to go out and buy a fourth Playstation controller, so that the three of us + the boy could duke it out. I also forced all of them to eat the cake I made. They seemed to take my plans in stride though, so I guess it all worked out.


Cake recipe from Hummingbird High.


IMG_0310Little Buddy. & the sister’s face-making socks.

Have a great week, everyone!




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