Kicking Myself

I promise my Joe Forte’s Dine Out post will be up this long weekend! I’ve been busy and also my phone died several system-related and rain-related deaths. Spent three hours trying to get it fixed, and then getting my contract fixed, to little avail. Still without a phone. Discovered that Purgatory is probably a near-empty Best Buy. Discovered that my mom will spend over an hour on the phone with Virgin Mobile ‘negotiating’/threatening to lower the admittedly cruel contract penalties for accidentally dropping your phone on a curb for an hour during a night of pouring rain. (FYI: did you buy a monthly warranty that covered accidental damages to your phone along with your plan? Well guess what, it might not count accidental water damage as a legitimate accident! F****rs.)

But I digress, rather dramatically.

This post is just to say that I’m kicking myself for not bringing my camera with me tonight. To the hockey game. To Rogers Arena. To the Loge Club, where I dined on a buffet that included aburi made by a Minami representative chef, among other things. (I cannot escape that restaurant I swear to god, and I don’t quite know I feel about it. Regardless, I ate a lot of aburi sushi tonight). The Loge service was incomparable, too. I once went to the buffet looking for prime rib, and they had just run out. More was on it’s way, so I went back to the table to wait for a bit before going back. Some few minutes later, our waitress comes by with a plate full of prime rib asking if I was the one hoping for some prime rib. Going above and beyond? I think so.

I loved every moment of noshing, watching, and chatting, despite being kind of drained from work and running on little sleep.

Oh, and the loges–the opera box-style box seats to the game– were great for watching the Canucks squash the Pens 5-0. Kassian’s goal made me laugh out loud.

Such an epic night. What an experience to document and review…

And no camera.



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