An Almost Off-Day

First class cancelled, late start to the next. It’s a weekday. Never is there a better time to visit Medina!

It was sunny, and despite the hustle and bustle and sleep deprivation that usually comes with the New Year, last week’s Thursday seemed like a slow day–almost a freebie day, a “surprise! It’s not the weekend, but you’ve got the day off!” day.

Except not really.

Still, the morning, at the very least, was ours to enjoy.

Light conversation for a sunny morning. I contributed a fifteen minute review of the piercing, beautifully constructed, and heartbreaking second half of An Unaccustomed Earth, by Jhumpra Lahiri. From him, a lengthy retelling of the box cutter scene in Gone Girl.

This is sometimes how we update each other on our literary & film-addled lives.

But the date wasn’t all about critically acclaimed entertainment. It was about a to-die-for fricasée, and a scrumptious paella. Oh, and waffles. Never forget the waffles. Or the peach bourbon dipping sauce! Mmm, take me back to the moments, the food, please.



Maple syrup, berry compote, and peach bourbon sauces with Liege waffles.



Have a great one, everybody.



One response to “An Almost Off-Day

  1. oh Miriam…it was over too soon! My saliva glands came to an abrupt stop…you left me wanting more.
    love, g

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